Yet More Council Lies!

It seems not a day goes by that the Belfast City Council don’t make yet another mistake or blunder and tell yet another lie regarding Lennox. This recent one however can be proven and this Blog intends to do just that. In a recent Belfast Telegraph Newspaper article dated 17th November 2010 regarding Lennox a Belfast Council spokesman said; “while I couldn’t comment on Lennox’s individual case because of legal proceedings, dog wardens acted within the law” Lets just reiterate that council spokesman’s statement “Acted Within The Law” So what law would that be I wonder? Is this the law as set forth by Belfast City Council? It seems to be just that as the below documents clearly show that Belfast City Council did not act within the law on more than one occasion where Lennox’s seizure was concerned. One final time for the Blog readers Mr council spokesman… “Dog wardens acted within the law” Now lets have the images attached tell the rest of the “Within The Law” story.

Incorrectly Addressed Warrant Given To Lennox's Owner

Incorrectly Addressed Warrant Given To Lennox's Owner

This is the warrant which was gave to Lennox’s owner by Belfast City Council Dog Wardens on the day of Lennox’s seizure. As most people will know by now and as it has been printed many times already in various papers, Lennox’s owner and little Daughter live in the North of Belfast and the address shown on this warrant clearly is not the owners address. The Save Lennox Campaign Blog has blocked out the door number on this warrant.

BCC Freedom Of Information Reply

BCC Freedom Of Information Reply

In this image you can see a reply to a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) from the Belfast City Council’s Dog Control Manager. The Dog Control Manager was asked what guidelines and procedures are used to identify apparent Pit Bull type dogs. In the reply Ms Elwood clearly states that the council use American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) breed standards guide. Strange as the ADBA have never gave Belfast City Council any authorisation, legal pardon or any licence to use any version or derived version of the breed standards guide. The ADBA copyrighted their breed standards guide in 2005 to stop councils and certain self acclaimed breed experts from using the ADBA guide to misidentify dogs for the purpose of court proceedings and to help secure death sentences on innocent dogs owned by responsible dog owners… just like Lennox and his human Family!

ADBA Cease & Desist Order To BCC

ADBA Cease & Desist Order To BCC

And finally the response sent from ADBA Inc to the Belfast City Council for their illegal use of copyrighted ADBA material. As you can see the CEO of the American Dog Breeders Association isn’t well pleased by the councils illegal use of the copyrighted breed standards and has stated ‘Cease & Desist’

And the final word again comes from the Belfast City Council Spokesman…

“Dog wardens acted within the law”


13 comments on “Yet More Council Lies!

  1. It is shocking how Lennox and his family are being treated. When you see the picture of the deplorable conditions this dog is being forced to live it it makes me feel physically sick. I am quite sure that if a member of the public were to keep an animal in this condition they would be prosecuted by the SSPCA.

  2. I find it impossible to understand why Belfast City Council have not been prosecuted for the way this dog was taken, he was basically stolen by dog wardens. This is without mentioning the horrific conditions he is held in. Are Belfast City Council above the law as well as liars. They should be held accountable and fined for such shocking treatment of an animal. It disgusts me that this picture shows the truth. Poor, poor Lennox.

  3. have u got another solicitor yet? i think it’s disgusting the way u have been let down .. hopefully, if u can go into court with these papers, especially the warrant, the BCC’s case will be thrown out, and Lennox returned to his loving home.

  4. I cannot believe that in todays world such lame excuse as appearances — suh as Lennox appears to be of a certain breed can condim him to such fate,If our human race bases thier laws on” appears to be” then what has become of our rights,if we continue in such a manner shall we just step back into the stone age and act as such? No more than the beast who steals away an innocent loving animal from his family to lock away in such dispicable surroundings,If the human race or thier laws dictate such behavior than I would prefe to be associated with it.Such blind ignorance is beyond comprehension.

  5. I find this situation deplorable to do this to an innocent dog, just because of his breed. It doesn’t mean that he is viscious. There are always exceptions to the rule, and this is one of those cases.

    We should try to get a celebrity involved like Ellen Degenneress, sshe has a lot of clout, and she could certainly mention this on her television show,after all, she is such an animal lover.

    This poor dog, away from his family for 180 plus days.
    I would almost want to have himn put down, just to avoid this broken hearted situation. He must be so confused and scared. My heart is broken for this family and their dog. Shame on the Belfast City Council. I hope the members can sleep at night knowing that an innocent dog is sitting in a jail cell with deplorable conditions.

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  7. This disgusting deplorable way this poor family are being treated is just beyond words and if there is any justice out there the BCC should be made to hang there heads in shame and let this little dog go home where he belongs

  8. There isn’t enough words to speak of on this whole situation. I can not believe that in today’s society our civil rights are controlled by government, much less allowing them to determine the kind of pet a person can have!! What’s to come next?? Maybe having to ask permission to breath? If the reasoning is “by looks”, isn’t that what would be called racism, to judge by looks?! Now that I have got that out of the way, I AM A PROUD OWNER OF AN ‘ADBA REGISTERED AMERICAN BULL TERRIER’ also known as the “pit bull” and haven’t had any problems for 11years, thus far. I really have a hard time understanding why Lennox was ripped from his family, his home, and his routine of his life if there hadn’t been prior problems!!! Especially to be kept in the way he is. That picture is of deplorable conditions for any animal, even more so for a family pet that I’m guessing was not kept in such filth!! Did he bite someone? Was there a death caused due to his brutal attack?? If not, I can’t imagine anyone with nothing better to do than harass innocent people about their pet and family member. I feel for Lennox so much because I’m sure he’s wondering what he did, where’s his bed, where’s his family, when does he get to run with the little girl that loves him and is missing him right now!! That is inhumane!! To put Lennox who is without a prior record of dangerous attacks along with his family that obviously loves him enough to not just allow it!! May God Bless your family for the undue pain and heartache that the government is causing by keeping Lennox away from his life as he knew it before!!! My 11yr old PIT BULL killed a mouse once, should she be taken away…..Lennox you are a beautiful boy and you and your family are in my prayers for a quick return. I can not fathom being without my lovely girl at my side or being kept in the condition of Lennox. SAVE LENNOX….RETURN HIM

  9. It seems to me that individuals can make up the law to suit their own agendas these days, and BCC are both despicaple and heartless. None of them are dog lovers, none of them have an ounce of compassion or care. and I hope and pray that Lennox will return to his family tomorrow and BCC get sued out of existance!

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