Belfast City Council's Secret Internal Email

We all remember just a few weeks ago when Lennox’s owner went to Belfast City Hall to attend a council meeting and we all remember how this lady was treated by the staff within the City Hall, from the sharp tongue and secret whispers of the City Hall receptionist, the over protective jobs worth security guards to the beady evil stare of a certain Health and Environmental department head. We all know that Lennox’s owner went to the City Hall peacefully hoping to speak to councillors and to raise concerns about the dog legislation in Northern Ireland and to also speak about Lennox but the majority of those councillors held their ears and refused to speak or answer questions from the voting public who pay their salaries. Lennox’s owner stood for almost an hour waiting patiently clutching to her walking stick to support herself  without the offer of a chair to sit on from any of the security guards, staff or from the receptionist, none of these brave councillors attempted to come and speak to a gentle well spoken lady simply waiting for a few moments of their time, instead four security staff were ordered to accompany Lennox’s owner everywhere she went, including the Ladies toilet where they stood outside the door waiting for her to return! We all remember why the Belfast City Hall staff behaved like they did, we all know why the majority of councillors ignored Lennox’s owner, it was because of the secret internal email sent to all party leaders and councillors suggesting there would be some sort of public protest at Belfast City Hall and the Health and Environmental head responsible for sending this secret internal email also ordered all councillors not to speak to anyone about Lennox or anyone representing Lennox. The public voted for and pay the salaries for these councillors and yet they take orders from a department head and refuse to speak to the public who granted them their positions within government and council? Such things would never happen in any other democratic country yet it clearly happens in Northern Ireland and within the chambers of Belfast City Hall. At this point I should state that four councillors did take the time to speak to Lennox’s owners and they will also report that Lennox’s owner was indeed a well spoken pleasant and approachable woman that posed no threat in her weak condition to staff or the internal meeting being held within council chambers and the Save Lennox Campaign thanks those four councillors for their time. As for the majority of the other councillors they should be ashamed of themselves especially as many denied any whispers or rumours of secret internal emails doing the rounds within City Hall. Well today again the Save Lennox Campaign Blog can prove the existence of the highly denied secret internal email and as you can see below it isn’t a rumour nor is it a whisper.

Update: A few very helpful people who are Lennox supporters and who are close to certain sources have made suggestions that there is a slightly more harsher second secret internal email that was sent to all parties within the chambers at City Hall and the one below has been edited, I must stress at this point that we are unaware if this to be true and are unwilling to comment on its existence any further but as always we know that only time will tell… as it always has.

Certain elements within this image have
been blocked out for privacy reasons.

Belfast City Council Secret Internal Email

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8 comments on “Belfast City Council's Secret Internal Email

  1. I dont understand this whole ordeal blood test have confirmed the dogs type and breed…what more do these people want the proof is there how can they deny what is right in front of them and get away with seizing and to continue holding a family pet when they thierselves have been proven wrong

  2. Once again the wishes of the public has been cast aside by the trumped up over important council staff. Who do they think they are. they are PUBLIC SERVANTS paid by the public to look after the public’s interests, not their own.
    Sack them all, as a statement to all PUBLIC SERVANTS in the future that they work FOR the public.

  3. One would think the council would have better ways to spend the public’s funds, than put a dog up for a judicial hearing/trial. Absolutely pathetic misuse of funds, isn’t it?

  4. I am the proud father of Two Mastiff breeds. Lennox looks like a twin to My Neopolitain same chest star body width and heigth. That alone could put a wrench into the works. These Pepole make me ashamned to call myself IRISH. BTW Karma is a Pain and all their days will come. VOTERS REMEMBER!!!

  5. As far as I’m concerned,it doesn’t matter if Lennox is a full blooded Pitbull Terrier!!! We had one in our family for almost 15 years with kids poking at her eyes,pulling her ears and trying to ride her,and she never flinched!!My whole town is loaded with them,and also we still have several in our families, and I don’t know of one incident that any of us, humane, none fight breeding dog owners have had! Why don’t you focus on the real problem,and convict the ones who treat these loving animals in an inhumane way!Which brings me to the point of the way the Belfast City Council has been treating Lennox!This dog did nothing!!And just the way the other wardens have been getting treated that had nothing to do with this case,it is similar to the situation as to how this dog and it’s family has been treated,and it makes me proud to live were I live, and would never set foot on a land occupied by such cruelty and ignorance! I sincerely hope anyone who has had the chance to help fix this situation and hasn’t,has trouble sleeping for a long,long time!!

  6. I can tell you one thing. I’m glad I don’t vote. If I did, I’d simply take my pen and write FREE LENNOX right across my ballot.
    I urge all Northern Ireland-dwelling Lennox supporters to do just that.

    • For those voting in the upcoming Northern Ireland elections can I just remind you… The only MP from Northern Ireland that helped or even bothered speaking to Lennox’s owner was Mr Sammy Wilson, all other MP’s, MLA’s and councillors either ignored or set back and done nothing, particularly those MP’s from North Belfast.

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