In Loving Memory Of Diesel

DieselFor those of you who do not recognise or know the name Diesel allow me to tell you a little bit about him. Diesel belonged to another of our Family members and he was Lennox’s brother. Sadly on Tuesday 22nd February Diesel had to be put to sleep after suffering a very progressive form of Canine Cancer. Many of our long term supporters, followers and campaigners who have followed Lennox’s plight from day one will remember the name Diesel as he was the dog that was visited one day at his home by a certain Belfast City Council dog warden and declared by this warden not to be a Pit Bull or for that matter “Type.” Those of you who remember this will recall that the Belfast City Council dog warden who called on Diesel that day identified and declared him to be a Labrador Bull dog cross, which he indeed was. This is the very same dog warden that declared Lennox to be “Type” and seized him from his loving home after measuring his forehead and hind legs with a dress makers tape measure. So the question remains, how can two brother dogs from the exact same birth litter, born only moments apart be deemed two different types of breed by the same dog warden? This again only raises yet further questions regarding Belfast City Council’s dog wardens and why none of them are professionaly qualified in basic breed identification as a past freedom of information request revealed. This incident only further questions the credibility of this particular dog warden. If Belfast City Council are going to allow this warden and her colleagues to seize innocent Family dogs from responsible dog owners and sentence the dog to death before inhumanely caging the poor dog up in a tiny cell for months on end then surely Belfast City Council should at least be putting these dog wardens through some sort of training as there is absolutely no difference between those dog wardens and average joe off the street, in actual fact the majority of dog owners would be more knowledgeable about breed types and animal welfare than these Belfast City Council dog wardens.

Our whole Family are saddened by Diesel’s illness and death but now we find ourselves in further despair as we now wonder if Lennox could also be suffering from this sudden form of this disease or is there a possibility that he is likely to in the future? we simply don’t know and won’t be able to check Lennox’s health because as you all know Belfast City Council and the Councils dog control manager Yolanda Elwood has continually refused any visitation to Lennox from Family or our vet and lets be quite honest we have all seen the picture of the inhumane, unsuitable conditions Lennox is being kept in surrounded by his own faeces and improper sawdust bedding so expecting any of the kennel staff at this secret Belfast City Council contracted kennel to recognise or bother concerning themselves with checking Lennox for this disease is clearly a very high expectation.

On closing we would like to say our thoughts and prayers are with Robert and Family at the loss of your gentle boy, we pray that as the angels look over and care for Diesel he will in return look over his brother Lennox.

Sleep tight Diesel, sadly missed X


4 comments on “In Loving Memory Of Diesel

  1. I know that losing Diesel was a terrible loss for you and I wanted to let you know how sorry I am. I know that Diesel wasn’t just a pet, He was a big part of your life as is Lennox.
    I believe Diesel left this earth prematurely to assist angels to help bring Lennox home, You have my deepest sympathy, I send prayers for your family and Lennox every day.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Diesel, my heart goes out to you all.
    I don’t understand how 2 dogs from the same litter could be treated so differently. Keeping positive thoughts for March 29th that Lennox will be home with you.xxxx

  3. sorry about diesel.lennox i am praying for your safe return,to that wee girl who misses you so much,
    my heart is with you all
    gloria xx

  4. Omgosh, Lennox is Diesel’s brother. Oh this is all so so sad. Rest in peace darling Diesel, I was rooting for you all along but, until I read this right now, I never knew you and Lennox are brothers. Oh darling Diesel, I know your family misses you terribly, my heart goes out to all of you. The only difference in Diesel’s death and Lennox’s impending doom, I fear, is that God called Diesel home. He was not put to death by some control freaks who never should have taken Lennox to start with. Diesel, darling, you were called home by God. You will always know love, always know freedom, you will be young again and your family WILL be with you again. I am so so terribly sorry though to this entire wonderful family. NONE of you deserve such horrid grief. Sincerely, Dawn

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