Is MTV Supporting Animal Cruelty?

In November 2011 MTV Europe will be holding their annual European Music Awards (EMA’s) in Belfast Northern Ireland in association with Belfast City Council. The EMA’s being hosted in Belfast is a superb achievement for any European city and the Save Lennox Campaign, the many hundreds of thousands of supporters and campaigners from around the globe warmly welcome Belfast’s achievement and congratulate all those involved in the winning bid however we all know of the inhumane treatment suffered by Lennox and many other animals at the hands of Belfast City Council and their dog wardens and for that reason we now find ourselves asking the obvious question, “Do MTV know that by associating and teaming up with Belfast City Council to host the EMA’s that MTV will be seen as openly supporting animal cruelty?”

As a global brand that mostly has an impeccable reputation who seem to stay clear of animal cruelty and who seem to support animal rights is MTV now taking a step back from what they normally preach all in the name of money? Its no secret that Belfast will pay a considerable amount of money for the honour of hosting MTV’s European Music Awards but is MTV willing to tarnish their own name by associating with Belfast City Council? No-one expects or for that matter wants MTV to revoke their decision to host the EMA’s in Belfast but surely MTV should remove their logo from forthcoming EMA TV advertisements, promotional posters, merchandise and such if alongside Belfast City Council’s logo or name or at the very least MTV should make a statement clearly announcing that they do not support any form of animal cruelty or inhumane suffering.


4 comments on “Is MTV Supporting Animal Cruelty?

  1. come on MTV at least come out in support of poor Lennox, you have made so much money give some to DDA watch to help Lennox and others in their charge!
    its the least you can do

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