Lennox Poem



Lennox Poem Courtesy Of Maria Fawcett


4 comments on “Lennox Poem

  1. This was a gorgeous poem but, what you are all going through is HIDIOUS!!!!!!! If this dog were a person you could claim RACISM. My heart goes out to you all, especially to this darling young child, who only wants her dog back. OMGOSH how can these control freaks be so ding dang cruel!!!!!! To the entire family please please know, America LOVED Diesel and we LOVE LENNOX!!!!!!!!!!!! If he is put to death, a piece of all of us with go with him. I am praying and praying for you every night. I am in a wheelchair and have been all my forty four years. I know what prison feels like. This is what Lennox is going through right now. I will pray for wisdom for this judge that seems to have none. Hang in there my new friends. America LOVES you all!!!!!!! Sincerely, Dawn

  2. Very nice poem, truly heartbreaking! We’ve been following Lennox’s story for several months and I’m really disgusted that Lennox is still in jail. I wonder why the judge can’t make a decision. It’s been proven that Lennox is not a pitbull (although I am against breed discrimination). Even a little kid would say… “what is not included should be excluded”… We want you home, Lennox. May the Good Lord give wisdom to the judge… Goodluck, Lennox… we love you… from Makati City, Philippines.

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