Same Litter, Two Different Breeds?

Many thousands of people from Northern Ireland and other countries from around the world follow and campaign for Lennox and many others like him each and everyday. New supporters come on-board every minute of everyday but some of the early Save Lennox Campaign supporters who have been following his story from the very start will remember that one of the same Belfast City Council dog wardens who seized Lennox and declared Lennox’s to be of “Pitbull Type” also declared that Lennox’s brother from the exact same litter, born just moments apart not to be “Type” just a few years previous to Lennox’s seizure by Belfast City Council dog wardens.

Belfast City Council and the Council dog warden who seized Lennox stated to his owner that they had never seen Lennox’s brother nor had they ever visited Lennox’s brother’s home, well yet again the Save Lennox Campaign can exclusively reveal here today this to be yet more Council lies and we can back up our claim with hard evidence once again.

In Northern Ireland, when a Council dog warden visits your home to inspect your dog for whatever reason they will usually leave some kind of documentation or in Diesel’s case (Lennox’s brother) the Council dog wardens issued Diesel’s owner with a free neutering voucher on behalf of Dogs Trust. If you look carefully at the below voucher, within the red highlighted oval you will notice Belfast City Council dog wardens clearly and correctly identified Diesel as “Labrador X” Now isn’t that strange how one dog born from the exact same litter only moments apart can be a different breed from his brother? This voucher not only proves yet again that Belfast City Council and their dog wardens have lied and they did indeed visit Diesel’s home but more importantly the wardens identified Diesel and Lennox to be two different breeds. Diesel, like Lennox is in actual fact Labrador American Bull dog cross.

So what does this new evidence tell us? well through an FOI (Freedom Of Information) request we know that Belfast City Council dog wardens are unqualified, untrained and hold no professional recognised qualification to handle dogs and have very little knowledge of animal welfare or that set out by DEFRA but we also know that these wardens are in no way qualified to carry out any form of breed identification, so why is it then that these wardens involved in Diesels home visit, Lennox’s and many other family dog seizures are continually allowed by Belfast City Council on a daily basis to attempt breed identification, seize family dogs, inhumanely cage animals sometimes for years on end in secret contracted kennels at the cost of thousands of pounds to the tax paying public only to be finally sentenced to death by courts simply for how they look? These very wardens do not know what they are doing, if they did then surely Lennox would not be where he is now, on the other hand if these wardens claim they do know what they are doing then why did they identify Diesel as one breed and Lennox another? Even now these same wardens responsible for Lennox’s seizure and many others are driving around in Council vehicles doing the same thing each day, Belfast City Council will have you believe that these wardens are on long term leave however again this is very untrue, these very same wardens could possibly be knocking on your door soon and it doesn’t make a difference if your a responsible dog owner or not, if they want your dog they will take it and your dog may be any shape, size or breed as long as these wardens make their annual targets. As usual Belfast City Council will attempt to win back some public support over this and no doubt release some crazy excuse about this voucher but at the end of the day the evidence is here for all to see.

It now seems that Belfast City Council’s case against Lennox’s owner and family is less to do with Lennox but in actual fact it has more to do with the Council desperate to win this case by any means or financial cost in a hope of rescuing their heavily tarnished public image. The Belfast City Council lost another well known case just a few years ago and they don’t want a repeat of this as it shows their wardens and dog control manager in a very bad light so it now seems they wish to use Lennox as an example, Belfast City Council have and will continue to attempt to discredit the Save Lennox Campaign by releasing bogus, inaccurate lies again to hopefully win back some support from the public however it is you, the intelligent public that have seen through each lie and dirty tactic Belfast City Council have produced. Belfast City Council believe that this campaign and Lennox’s name is the cause of their very bad public and global image, in actual fact it is the Belfast City Council that have damaged their own image and reputation for how they lied, leaked pathetic, untrue rubbish to the media via their own Council website and over all how they persued this case, Lennox’s family and twelve year old disabled owner throughout like it was some sort of witch hunt.


The Belfast City Council Dog Warden Issued Voucher

The Belfast City Council Dog Warden Issued Voucher

Certain Elements Of Above Image Have
Been Blocked Out For Privacy Reasons 


3 comments on “Same Litter, Two Different Breeds?

  1. what I don’t understand is why they cannot PROVE without a DOUBT Lennox is NOT a pit bull. There are more than one DNA tests to be done … and you can do it right in front of everyone to make sure it is his DNA and no one else’s like in a court room and the judge present every step of the way to the sending of the DNA to the lab

    • Because the City Council refused to look at the DNA tests they had done. You can’t prove someone wrong who won’t see or hear your argument..

  2. it didn’t matter what breed the dog was, there were many offers to re home Lennox at no cost to the Barnes family, the Belfast City Council or the city of Belfast. Lies, lies, lies….I’m sick of all of the lies that I see printed. There was absolutely NO indication that Lennox posed any threat to ANYONE. Sandie Lightfoot…I for one hope that the sounds of baking dogs keep you up night, after night, after night.

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