London – Save Lennox End BSL Protest

On Saturday April 9th 2011 many Save Lennox Campaign supporters that could make it took to the streets of London to show their support for Lennox and to raise awareness of BSL. Those people who gave their own time and peacefully protested in London made the Save Lennox Campaign global supporters very proud and particularly Lennox’s Family. Here is just some of the pictures captured from the London protest. A huge thank you to everyone who gave their time on Saturday and a special thank you to Gavin, Sian and Donna for the many brilliant pictures from the day and to Natasha and Ann for organising the event.

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5 comments on “London – Save Lennox End BSL Protest

  1. Please help this dear precious animal feel the freedom and happiness he deserves and needs .Please give him the medical care he needs and show compassion which all humans are capacity to give freely?

    • I should have said show compassion which all humans have the capacity to give freely .He is innocent and we are his only voice!!!!

  2. Please help this family fight for the right to give Lennox a home, not a cage around people who are not his family. What if someone came into your home and took your child? Would you have a voice then? We are Lennox’s voice. He has been gone too long, he needs to be home!!!

  3. There are erroneous postings and posters being circulated on Facebook concerning the protests in Belfast concerning the case of Lennox, the dog sentenced to die for how he looks. The protests are being held EACH day beginning at 10 a.m. at the Belfast City Hall and continuing into next week, not just on Saturday at 3 p.m.
    Please circulate and share this.

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