Belfast City Council's Intimidation Tactics

Many frequent followers of the Save Lennox Campaign will already be aware of the numerous reports over the past months of Belfast City Council’s dog warden team parking just meters away from Lennox’s owner’s home for lengthy periods of time. These almost daily occurrences have continued and get more regular on the lead up to any of Lennox’s court hearings. As unbelievable as some people may find this, it seems this is the tactics being employed by Belfast City Council and one can only assume that Belfast City Council management are aware of these “stop outs” by their dog warden staff and if not why not? someone surely had to authorise this? yet another waste of public money.

A few pictures of Belfast City Council’s dog warden team have been taken over the past months when they have decided to sit and watch Lennox owners home but the one below seems to have caused most anger by the powers to be within Council HQ, so much so that Belfast City Council rushed to alert their legal team who subsequently just hours after this picture was captured issued Lennox’s owner with a legal letter threatening action if picture taking and following of their staff did not cease. Following? Yes you heard correct, Belfast City Council accused the Family of following their staff as they left their home and the council dog warden sat at the entrance to the cul-de-sac where Lennox’s owner lives, as if the Family haven’t enough on their plate but to follow warden staff! The occupant of this van sat outside Lennox’s home for a recorded time of twenty two minutes, engine switched off, one foot up on dashboard, cigarette lit, watching the home. On this occasion Lennox’s owner was leaving home to attend a meeting with Lennox’s legal team and again noticed this warden sitting watching the house. After twenty two minutes of observing the Belfast City Council dog warden staff member, Lennox’s owner left her home, in doing so the woman in this van immediately sat up, started the engine, trying not to make eye contact by hiding her face behind her arm as she sped off the kerb, over a speed ramp and out of sight. Knowing she had been pictured there’s no doubt she returned to her superior and gave some sort of cock and bull story about being followed hence the Belfast City Council’s superb reaction time in sending out threatening letters of legal action to Lennox’s owner, just a pity Belfast City Council weren’t as fast to reply to emails, letters and telephone calls regarding Lennox’s condition!

This incident was reported to the Family solicitor. The Council staff member was seen by several people smoking once again in a company van and was reported to Council HQ. The lady on the phone from Belfast City Council who answered the complaint line stated she would have “this serious complaint looked into” not surprising Belfast City Council have never followed up on this and are yet to reply to those that complained about this Council staff member even though the complaint department asked those who called if they “would like a follow up call back regarding their complaint” which all replied “yes”.

Now why did the Belfast City Council get so angered by this photo and none of the others that they would have been aware of? Was it because this time the dog warden in this photo was clearly caught smoking in a company vehicle which is against the law and is something the Belfast City Council like all UK Councils publicly promote stopping? Was it because they know this staff member has done this on many occasions and she clearly is not going about her daily work routine as Belfast City Council like to put it in their threatening legal letter to Lennox’s owner or maybe it was because just several weeks previous a Belfast City Council spokesperson made public through a media article that a dog warden who was involved in the seizure of Lennox back in May 2010 had went on indefinite leave due to the unseen and unconfirmed hate mail she was apparently receiving from some idiotic people claiming to represent the Save Lennox Campaign? Well if the later is the reason you can see why this would have the big wigs in City Hall and Linen Hall Street going red in the face, even now after the big wigs who frequent this site have read this article you can be assured that they will be charging down corridors and running to their big red phones that are hot linked straight to Belfast City Council legal department boasting orders and demanding action.

In review of the matter and not to make light of it, if Belfast City Council dog warden staff are going to continue to intimidate people especially just prior to each court appearance then no matter how many legal threats are received from Belfast City Council’s legal team your staff who do wrong, illegally stalk will be photographed and documented, because you are clearly making the Family in question feel threatened and uneasy in their own home and it shouldn’t be this way, furthermore by sending threatening letters of legal action doesn’t help matters or for that fact Belfast City Council’s already globally tarnished reputation, nonetheless should it continue to happen and as Belfast City Council have already been made aware, the Police will also be informed.

Knowing how Belfast City Council go about things there’s no doubt in the next coming weeks articles will begin popping up from various sources claiming certain Belfast City Council staff are right, have done no wrong and are being attacked and so on and so forth, the public are intelligent regardless what Belfast City Council may think, the public seen through the Councils last ditch attempt to discredit this peaceful campaign with certain statements released to the media by a Council spokesperson’s stating supporters of the Save Lennox Campaign had attacked Council staff homes, this again was unproven and as you are only far too aware the Save Lennox Campaign also released a statement explaining that if anyone had done such hateful activities they weren’t acting for or in the name of Lennox, his Family or the peaceful Save Lennox Campaign calling for his freedom and should the Belfast City Council continue to claim otherwise in an attempt to damage the Save Lennox Campaign and score points then once again the public will see straight through your non factual gibberish. So again please do not insult this campaign, the Family, the people of Northern Ireland or the hundreds of thousands of peaceful supporters and campaigners around the world gazing upon you right now by stating to media that your staff were going about their legal and rightful work duties because for the reasons previously mentioned all can see and know this is untrue. Regarding said attacks, isn’t it quite strange that these unproven attacks were reported in June 2010 by Belfast City Council yet Belfast City Council thought they could win back public support by telling media that the attacks were recent, don’t reuse stories that you have already put out to media just because no-one paid attention the first time you released the exact same stories. If those reported attacks occurred at all, they occurred once in early 2010 which is when Belfast City Council first made them public, not recently, not in 2011, and not just days before each and every court hearing! Surely there is Police records and statements for such attacks? The public can see these stories are being released by Belfast City Council just days before each court hearing as an attempt to discredit and tarnish Lennox’s case, campaign, Family, and the suspicious minds amongst us would say that such stories are also possibly being released again to help sway a courts decision in favor of Belfast City Council, as said the public are intelligent.

Just to set the record straight for the benefit of the Councils head of dog control who continually makes reference to her staff simply carrying out their “legal and rightful duties” as set forth by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and by Government legislation, no-one has ever had any issue with Belfast City Council dog warden staff doing their rightful duties, the problem so many people around the world have with this case is how your staff went about applying their “rightful and legal duties” on the day of May 19th 2010 by their heavy handed approach, use of incorrect documentation, threats and even now continual lies about Lennox and Family members, the way in which this whole case has been handled and not forgetting the fact that Lennox should never have been seized let alone by untrained, unqualified staff or the conditions Lennox is being kept and lets not forget the vast amounts of tax payers money being spent dragging this case and many like it through courts whilst also wasting huge sums of tax payers money paying the fees of certain individuals whose credibility, knowledge, qualification, and previous public statements can only be seriously questioned, it is for these reasons people around the world have taken notice of Belfast City Council and their use of “rightful legal duties”. Finally knowing that Belfast City Council is Northern Ireland’s largest Council yet has quite a small dog warden team and must provide dog warden patrols for the entire greater Belfast area why is it then that this particular dog warden can be going about her rightful daily work duties as Belfast City Council like to announce if she is frequently seen and continually locates herself in her van in the same part of Belfast? Doesn’t greater Belfast extend further than Lennox’s home?

“It’s about time Belfast City Council
stopped helping themselves and
instead began helping the people that
put them in their positions of power.”

To Avoid Revealing Too Much Of This Council Staff Members Identity The Save Lennox Campaign Has Kindly Taken
It Upon Themselves To Censor Out Her Angered Face As She Sped Away In Her Dog Van After Clearly Being Caught Out.


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