New Supporter Submitted Video

Help Save Lennox Video By & Courtesy Of Hemali


10 comments on “New Supporter Submitted Video

  1. Sharing video on FB.

    Lennox…I’ve been praying for you. I have asked God to send MY guardian angel to Ireland to watch over you and keep you warm every night. I’ve been praying that you are set free and returned to your loving family. I believe in you Lennox!

    Susan, New York, USA

  2. I can barely think about Friday so goodness knows how Lennox’s poor family are coping. My hopes and prayers are that Lennox will be set free and I cannot even bear to think of any other outcome.

    He is innocent, he is a family pet, kept by a responsible owner. He does not deserve any of the treatment that he has had to endure and he most certainly does not deserve to be killed by officials bent on proving they are right, regardless of the truth and even if it takes perjury to do so. I am appalled and ashamed of Belfast Council and their behaviour. I hope that this perjury will not go unpunished and I hope the appeal court will listen to common sense, reason and indeed the truth and their only conclusion can be to release Lennox alive to his family forthwith.

    • I totally agree with everything you have said here. Let us hope and pray that sanity, truth and justice prevail on Friday, any other alternative does not bear thinking about. I think every Lennox supporter is getting very frightened about now, I know I am. 😦 May God Bless Lennox and his family, and may the Judge be guided to do what is right, and not swayed by government or any other influences. Love you Lennox ❤ xoxox

  3. Lennox is being treated cruelly and not given proper care. Any official guilty of perjury should be imprisoned under the same conditions as Lennox is kept! Unless Lennox is returned to his family I will NEVER travel to your country and suggest that my friends stay away from your barbaric area.

  4. breaks my heart. I ahve three staffies myself and they are my companion ,my life and my soul. That video makes me cry and very anxious that we live amongst these type of uneducated and uncompassionate people. Lennox case will be decided on this friday 30th of september. I hope God will send his army of angels to protect Lennox. may the judge show compassion and may Belfast City council employees all be discharged and employement terminated because they seemed to be lacking the basic human needs of love, compassion and understand the sacredness of life.

  5. So very very wrong that Lennox is being treated this way. Criminals of the worst crimes in the world get treated better. The BCC dog wardens, go home to their nice clean beds, they are free to walk, or run, wherever they wish, knowing that they have imprisoned an innocent dog, who sits restricted in a tiny, dirty and dark cell.
    The horror BCC have committed will never be forgotten, they will have stains on their souls, unless they can set Lennox free, and admit their wrongdoing.
    Belfast is a dirty, filthy and shameful city while Lennox is suffering in it’s ‘care’ and will remain so, unless he is free to go back with his family, where he belongs.
    Belfast can only begin to get back it’s respect if they free Lennox, or forever be the city of shame.

  6. I just want you ALL to know you have so many supporters worldwide. Many of us have fallen in love with Lennox. Most of us have barraged people with emails and letters begging for common sense and justice to prevail. Many of us light candles and say prayers for his safe return home. You cannot imagine how hard we are praying for you all to be reunited. I am passionately opposed to BSL, to bias, to abuse and neglect (which BCC should be charged for in my honest opinion). I wish you love and luck. NOTHING would make me happier than to hear the words LENNOX IS FREE! We will all be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping hard that sanity returns and Lennox is allowed to return to where he is safe, happy and most importantly LOVED. My respect to you for recognising Len had some issues with fear and nerves, for taking the precaution of muzzling him to ensure his and others safety – it’s a disgrace after all of your love, committment, hard work and responsible actions that you have all been persecuted this way! I hope when it is all over you press charges against those who have shown they truly deserve them!
    Lots of Love & good wishes for tomorrow and the days ahead. XxX

  7. I’ve had tears in my eyes since I started reading his story. I have an 8 month old Bullmastiff x Rottweiler, who many people have questioned whether he is a Pit Bull “type”. I’m so glad that I live in England, where this disgusting situation couldn’t occur. I would be absolutely traumatised if my Bubba was taken from me.

    Dogs are sensitive creatures, and targetting the canine end of the leash is the wrong way to go about it. It’s how they are raised, and clearly Lennox has had a wonderful upbringing.

    I cannot believe how desperate they are to kill this dog. Money is being wasted by the council in fees regarding the court hearings, “care” for Lennox etc… He hasn’t done ANYTHING, just let him live with his family where he was happy and safe. I cannot believe how awful humans are.

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