Belfast City Council Dog Warden Poll

This Poll Will Run For One Week Only.


119 comments on “Belfast City Council Dog Warden Poll

  1. It’s time to end this farce making pit bulls pay for just being pit bulls. Let the actions of the animal be judged and their owners be looked at carefully to figure out why they might be aggressive if they are. Stop the killing for no reason!

  2. people who work with animals, shud care for them not try to destroy them, shame on the warden how u sleep at night i dont know. get rid of this vile lieing woman.

    • AMEN Nicky!!! They should put Lightfoot to sleep PERMANENTLY!!! She is a danger to all of us AND OUR ANIMALS!!!!!! TRY her for Perjury and LOCK HER UP!!!!!!!!!

    • yeah nicky well said! this is why ive always preffered animals to most people pity they cudnt put this lying moron and cohorts to sleep like they did this completely “INNOCENT” little dog!

    • You got that right Kenneth!! Its not just Lightfoot, although she was the WORST of that sinister lot, the other two wardens that gave differing testimonies, and the Judge ALL NEED to be JAILED!!!!!!!!!! I hope street justice gets them all, if the law doesn’t charge them with Perjury!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s time to end the mass execution of home loving, affectionate, non aggressive Innocent pet Staffy mix dogs. I like to think of myself as an Intelligent business woman, yet I just cannot get my head around this – It simly does not make any sense. Is common sense not common anymore? How does a non agressive, non banned Staffy, crossed with a non aggressive, non banned Lab or Boxer etc suddenly become a dangerous Pitbull? Has the world gone stark raving mad? A potentially dangerous dog of any type or breed is one that IS being or behaving in a savage manner – or an unfortunate one that has been trained by an Idiot to BE dangerous….. NOT A FAMILY PET that has been nurtured with love and kindness!!!!!!
    Blame the Idiot at the other end of the lead!
    Ban kids under 24 from owning a staffy type because they are, on the whole, to blame for the overbreeding of this wonderful breed – They are responsible for all the cross breeding – they are responsible for most of the abuse this poor sensitive, lovable breed has to endure. Compulsory neutering of every cross bred staffy would address the unwanted population in just one year – why wait until the poor dogs are born only to use, abuse and overbreed them? why spend over 2.5 million a year on seizing and executing them because of the way they look? This Government need to listen to what it’s responsible dog loving voters have to say…STOP MURDERING OUR INNOCENT PETS….NEUTERING IS THE ONLY ANSWER YOU STUPID GOVERNMENT !! Debbie Channing founder and a Trustee
    Tag Pet Rescue Centre

  4. As for the blatent lies and deceit seen and heard under oath by the dog warden and the non expert ex police dog handler in the case of victimised Lennox….They must be made to pay for their shameful lies and NOT be allowed to escape punishment. Lennox MUST be freed..this dog is Innocent and shamefully the humans are guilty.

  5. Ratepayers should not have to pay the salaries of liars and perjurers. Employees paid from the public purse have to be accountable to the people who pay their wages.

  6. Perjury is perjury in whatever case and should be dealt with accordingly. As I am a taxpayer and pays this warden their salary along with others we demand the sacking and court case to imprisionment of this person.

  7. My feelings on this case, are that Belfast City Council should be cited for animal cruelty having kept this poor dog confined and from his family for over a year.

    Such is the depth of feeling in this case, that the eyes of the world are watching and I fear that Belfast City Council are just going through the motions, with no intention of allowing this poor dogs release.

    My only hope is that justice prevails and they are forced to release Lennox to his family.

  8. It’s simple. Lennox has never bitten, even after all that he has gone through and BEFORE he was put on meds by BCC for stress, that they have caused him by keeping him in solitary away from his family for all this time. 18mths is the equivalent of 10 years for a dog and anyone would need meds for anxiety after being in solitary, ripped away from all he knows and never even visited by his dear family. But still he has never bitten. Even the dogwardens admitted that in court. As for the main dogwarden of whom we are speaking….I would not trust her to care for my pet fish. She should stand trial for perjury and ex Met dog handler has killed his own money making gambit dead by being persuaded by money to give evidence when he has no qualifications or experience to substantiate.

    The whole thing is disgusting and corrupt. Free Lennox now. If BCC do not free him this will never die….because law abiding citizens world wide are mobilised and appalled at the injustice of this case. The only gracious ending would be to let Lennox go home alive and well and never let that woman near another dog.

    • Quite clear that Belfast City Council want to make an example, score points and punish Lennox’s family for speaking out against the cruelty, lies and corruption carried out by dog wardens and ultimately permitted to happen by Belfast City Council! Buster and three other dogs released from the clutches of Belfast City Council on Wednesday all deemed to be pit bull dogs so why not innocent Lennox who hasn’t been deemed pitbull? Belfast City Council are pushing to murder Lennox by lethal injection after faking three different warden statements, lying on video that Lennox bit someone then they had to admit in court that he has never hurt anyone and lets not forget the perjury! Belfast City Council are playing a dangerous political game to punish anyone who dares speak out against them or reveal the truth about their internal goings on, fake Facebook ID’s setup by a certain warden to slander Lennox’s family, defense legal team and defense expert and then edited leaked videos and court room documents leaked and posted on Facebook by the wardens partner, documents and video assesments that were never and have never been signed by the courts or judge to be publically released during this ongoing legal case. Belfast City Council are a shameful racket who take pride from the fact that a little girl cries at night for her pet dog and what do Belfast City Council do? ignore the little girl and fake attacks on their staff in a bid to win back public support, the same reason they released four dogs on Wednesday in hope of winning some public support back.

      • Yes, but you have to be really really stupid to do what they are doing – if they kill him tomorrow they have created a martyr – an innocent, blameless martyr who will be used against them time & time again in the years to come. It may soothe their pathetic little egos for a month or two – then karma will visit & bring them what they so richly deserve.

  9. My question is are we able to sue Belfast City Council for the pain and suffering they are causing ALL OF US?? I hurt every day for this dog. Class action suit? They surely must know that they will be loosing their jobs because no one wants cold hearted, ego maniacs who lie, ever in a position of power. They have shown us so far that they are incapable of fair and balanced logic and absent of any compassion for this dog and his family. This is one of the most hateful acts against a family and their dog that I have ever seen. The holidays are around the corner and I can just imaging how this family must be feeling having to live on pins and needles day in and day out, hurting inside and worried sick for their beautiful boy Lennox. Sweet boy, I will continue to imagine you curling up warm and cozy with your family this holiday season, and all of us around the world who love you, would certainly be there with you in spirit. I LOVE YOU LENNOX.

  10. A Blind ,Deaf and Dumb Lawyer could get Convictions against this Judge and Unruly Crooked Bunch,surely one can find such an individual in Belfast who wishes to make a name for himself,it is being served up on a platter for him.

  11. She lied while on oath.lock her up & throw away the key! That’s basically what they have done to Lennox for doing no wrong!

  12. This is a horrendous situation caused by an unjust public worker whose job is to protect the citizens of Belfast rather than cause them unimaginable harm which is exactly what has been done in this sad case. The warden lied and having done so under oath, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and poor Lennox should be released into the loving arms of his family immediately!

  13. Absolutely she should be removed and the sooner the better. Since when is lying under oath, and being a willing party to an internet hate campaign, the role of any dog warden?? Documents and photographs were released on Facebook prior to the end of the last court case and this is illeagel. If BCC are not prepared to right this wrong and admit the fallings of some of their employees then they have lost all credibility. Free this poor innocent dog and deal with the real guilty ones in this case.

  14. Lennox has never hurt anyone and no one ever complained about him in the five years he lived with his family. But this particular warden and the Council’s so called well paid ‘expert’ signed his death warrant by lying in court in order to save face. One QUALIFIED expert after another has come out and told them Lennox is not a dangerous dog but the Judge listened to the ‘authorites’ in this case…the untrained unqualified Council idiots, who would stoop to any level to secure a death sentence on an innocent dog. This is a complete travesty of justice and a classic example of why BSL cannot work in its present format. How can ayone allow these clowns stay in any kind of position of authority.

  15. I believe that if this case was heard under oath so help me god, then the same bible that this dog warden placed her hand on and lied after also carries the words inside “an eye for an eye”. Placing her inside a concrete box for nearly two years should suffice as a sentence. Realistically we know this will never happen and that is disappointing but with or without justice, this dog wardens face is known on the internet world wide by media posting it, so I feel that she will be running and hiding for a very long time – that I see as justice. For Lennox and his family they are the ones to pay the ultimate price, they have been torn apart for so long now that it has in itself becoma an act of inhumane cruelty and the RSPCA should be allowed to step in an take control of this dog who has had his rights violated also.

  16. Simply, you should be ashamed. It’s amazing how morally bankrupt a judicial system and people in authority have become. It is a travesty of “justice,” and that these types of people in authority carry on must now come to a swift and final end. My only wish that I could personally watch when karma comes around …

  17. The whole thing absolutely stinks. Belfast City Council ought to be thoroughly ashamed of this ridiculous episode and let Lennox go home to his family now. That picture of the poor boy in his concrete cell breaks my heart. He has been there far too long. Have these petty council jobsworths no compassion? (It’s obvious that they have no common sense nor qualms about lying.)

    May justice prevail. Punish on the basis of deed not breed… and punish the owners, not the dogs.

  18. He should step down, apologizing the whole way and never take any kind of public office again and he should never be allowed to work with or around animals of any kind again. And his entire council should go with him.

  19. There is not one good reason why is poor dog should not be released, he has suffered enough, it is heartbreaking. He is totally innocent, whereas those at BCC are not, lies and corruption seem to be the norm for those employed there and they bring new meaning to the phrase “covering your own backside”. Shame on all of you!

  20. Anyone else would have been jailed for perjury. What makes her any better than anyone else? Is it because it was a dog she was lying about and not a person? A lie is a lie whatever form it takes

  21. The whole thing is ridiculous,BCC should be ashamed of themselves for what they have put Lennox through,pure lies the whole lot of it ………………..

  22. if a dog that has mauled a child or something then you could understand why this dog has been taken away,however this dog has not done so, it has been taken away just because it look like a “type”. Many others are taken away for the way they look,even if it is the kindest dog ever.

    The judge and wardens need their heads banged together and need a good long think about there actions.

  23. This evil law breaker (Lightfoot) should be held resonsible and be punished for her evil lies UNDER OATH. Or is she above the law? She should be dismissed imediatley. Lennox should be returned to his home and family. He has done nothing wrong. SHAME on you people who are responsible for this needless cruelty.

  24. Totally agree anyone involved with poor lennox should be sacked he has never done any harm human beings are worse and they get away with it or if they go prison its like a holiday camp for some or some are better off knowing they get fed 3 times a day poor animals get death sentence makes me sick

  25. not only removed from services but everyone who lied under oath should be made to live in the very same conditions that lennox has been made to live in for the past 18 months and they should have to live that way for every day that poor lennox has had to.

  26. Vote for Cameron and get your Family-Pet Murdered.Heil Hitler.What are these Scumbags being paid for.
    Get Rid of Polticians and make the world a better place.

  27. Why can’t they just let him go home to his loving family as the case should be closed cos of all the lies that have been told

  28. I think it’s time Belfast City Council and the law-makers recognise the depth of feeling, and the amount of support for innocent Lennox,, and other innocent dogs seized and imprisoned in similar circumstances, and abolish this ridiculous law

  29. Personally this whole affair has been tainted. Normally under Human prosecution – this would be thrown out of court. Unfortunately, Lennox is a dog and his rightful owner does not quantify to speak on Lennox’s behalf. So, let’s get rid of the whole darn Court house in Belfast because lying under oath is not acceptable even by human standards and these standards are really against the owner.

    Why hasn’t the public cried louder&? why hasn’t the media spoken Louder? If there is no justice in answering honestly in court then how can we as a citizen trust the justice system at all?

  30. The whole Council needs to be changed. It is a disgrace what has happened. Lennox should have never been taken in the first place, did absolutely nothing wrong. The warden should be so ashamed of herself. How could she tell such lies. She should be charged with perjury. She definitely should be dismissed immediately so no more innocent animals can be taken. She has caused so much heartache for this Family and Lennox is suffering terribly, “LET HIM GO HOME”.

  31. I definately think the warden should be sacked. It is terrible the way this poor dog has been treated. I feel so sorry for poor Lennox and his family. I just wish they whould let Lennox go free and let him go home to his loving family for Christmas. PLEASE LET LENNOX GO HOME!!!

  32. Put the powers at be in a room with those conditons.Makes me ashamed of the human race at times the way some people are.Love to Lennox from Perth Australia.

  33. I would like to see every one of the corrupt, viral, crooked evil members sent to prison. GIVE LENNOX BACK TO HIS FAMILY AND TO THE WORLD. HE REPRESENTS MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER IMAGINE.

  34. At the end of the day its a waste of time haggling with the BCC .THERE NEEDS TO BE A PUBLIC ENQUIRY INTO THOSE RESPONSIBLE there managers and the judge.this whole fiasco stinks of under hand dealings and corruption and its a waste of time pleading with them, as they are closing ranks. questions also need asked immediately as to why this lair is still working for BCC

  35. This is happening to this family today but it could be your family tomorrow. Who would have ever thought that people could be so unreasonable and lacking in compassion. Lennox will be remembered forever. Belfast has been known for their violence and they are continuing the saga by murdering this dog for no apparent reason other than they don’t want to back down or appear “weak”. i guess it’s better to be forever remembered for something this horrendous?

  36. The lies were so obvious I cannot believe that the evidence she gave was allowed, why wasnt she charge with purgery? It has just shown that the Law is an Ass and Swearing on Oath is a mockery !!! What a diabolical justice system !
    The Belfast courts should be taken to task by the Government and a full pardon granted to Lennox allowing him to go home NOW !

  37. I am ashamed of the council to which i pay my taxes to and their horrific actions and destruction of a family. Those accountable need to stand up and take responsibility and listen to the outcry

  38. Today is July 8 2012. Let me get this straight………It’s been two years since this started and the members of the city council haven’t been held accountable by you, the voters of Belfast? If that is the case, then you are as responsible for this as they are. Absolutely shameful by all involved.

  39. People who work for the state lie all the time from the pm and mp’s! To the lady that work in the brew!! DO YOU THINK THERE GOING TO SACK THE DOG WARDEN??? I DONT THINK SO!!! THIS IS NOW NORMAL!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL FAIRNESS!!!!

  40. Everyone involved is accountable for this mockary of the justice system. To seize a dog that has done nothing wrong, to take two years to assess him is cruel and unfair on both the dog and his family, it does not take two years to assess a dog. The refusal to allow experts to rehome him shows that this has become about ego for these people and not about animal or human welfare. This is a bigoted, cruel and disgusting situation which should make it clear the current law is open to misuse and abuse. There needs to absolutely be an inquiry. This isn\’t just about Lennox and his family it\’s about all those dogs who are steriotyped and judged because of the thier type – it completely removes the onus on responsible ownership and puts the blame on an animal that can\’t fight back, defend itself and only exists because of humans allowing breeding. Disgusted and dismayed this situation ever happened let alone has come to this. Shame on you, you disgust me.

  41. BCC made many mistakes, in classifying this dog, abusing him and telling non truths in court.

    instead of “fessing up” and doing the honorable, which would have been rehoming lennox, they stuck to the big lie, murdered him and broke the hearts of the world”

  42. May they all rot in hell. Eah and every last murdering one of them. LENNOX WILL LIVE ON FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS! May Lennox be the last thing they see when they take their last breath. And hopefully their end will be a pqainful one

  43. What a silly question…of course…and she should rot in a cell…for lying under oath – like everybody else!!!!

  44. RIP sweet Lennox, you know guys I have suspicious that LENNOX is death for long time, City Council just couldn’t admit it and show him because he was ABUSED and SUFFER in pain, stressed, so those bastards just played GAME with people and they MUST BE PUNISHED no matter what, yes maybe poor Lennox is gone but we, animal lovers are here and we will take REVENGE till JUSTICE FOR LENNOX will be finished !!!!!!!!!!!! WE PROMISE !!!!!!!!!!!

  45. All of those responsible should be investigated – perjury is a prosecutable offence – shame the same can’t be said for moral bankruptcy! May you rot in hell and may Karma visit you swiftly!

  46. this is animal cruelty at its very worst-they have comitted a criminal offence,and should be prosecuted,and brought to justice-named and publicly shamed,at incarcerate this poor dog for two years???ive never heard anything so unjust-and please god-never will again.

  47. She should be prosecuted for perjury. Contact Belfast police and ask why she hasn’t, there’s evidence so she should have

  48. Remove her and also remove everyone, who was involved in this strange case! claim an investigation of all incidents of the last two years in this case! There are too many questions and discrepancies! There is something amiss here and it urgently needs clearing!

  49. Sorry i read things wrong, The BCC need to take responcability an hang their heads in shame, They should all be charged in one way or another, I wouldnt like to be them tryin to sleep with poor Lennox on my conscience with what they have done what horrible people YES I AGREE TO CRIMINAL CHARGES FOR THEM

  50. you are nothing else than Killers……you should stand up in shame and apologize millions times for what you have done…..and it still would not be enough! You who played with dog, and he was licking your face… come you were not afraid? how come you did not put a protection to his face? Shame on you liars…Shame on you! Give us a true and leave……

  51. The the warden straigt to hell and stay there also. The blood of an innocent is on their hands too. May their life be filled with pain and fear!

  52. Not just fired but prosecuted and locked in a cell. In fact the entire City Council is obviously beyond incompetent, but truly evil and needs to be removed from Office and punished for their crimes. The have cast a shadow of shame over their city.

  53. Removed and jailed for perjury. I will not rest until all the councilors and the pathetically useless Lord Mayor or voted OUT and replaced by decent, caring, honourable people.

  54. Lying under oath is a criminal offence, and as Belfast City council appear very keen on the letter of the law. It should be treated as such. Lennox was not afforded mercy so neither should lies under oath!

  55. Delivering the coups de grâce for the eyes of the world to see. The murder of a dog, not by a dullard in an alley but by dullards who wear suits and sit in seats of power, even worse. The death of a dog, at the hands of Belfast City Council, another pinnacle example of incompetent simpletons mandating murder. Whether it’s on a country or on a dog it’s all the same. What is public safety? This is was a pre-emptive attack on an innocent dog that had done no wrong. Just as countries bomb other countries out of fear. They’ll get me so I better get them. Belfast, Council, you are to be justifiably demonize, as such you are an abomination and degeneration of human kind.


  57. Just recently i had a run in with the council about a supposed mess one of my dogs had made when stopped by the warden he told me they had been told by some woman that my dog had left a pile on the grass when i asked him was he sure it was my dog (i had bags on each lead by the way ) he told me he didnt see it that his female coleauge seen it from 25 yards away no less so i went and picked up a black fly encrusted poo which according to the female warden took place less than a few minutes beforehand (if im not mistaken it takes a few hours for poo to turn that way) anyway i tried to appeal the 50 quid fine they promptly sent out and got in touch with the manager who said both wardens claimed to have seen it EVEN THOUGH THE ARSEHOLE THAT FINED ME SAID HE DIDNT SEE IT TO MY FACE it proves that the whole lot of them are dirty corrupt dog murdering lying BASTARDS !

  58. Great new look to the site. It is lovely and very well presented. Will Sarah Fishers Statement also be here? Great work to you all. Our Love to The Barnes please. BIG HUGS. Let’s hope that awful Dog Warden gets her truth. She has broken thousands of hearts, particulary that of Lennox. An innocent, helpless dog that only wanted to go home to his girls. x

  59. I believe that people who tell lies, create much bigger problems for not only themselves but all of those around them. This should never have got out of hand. Lightfoot should not have been sheltered. She should of let that go home. Instead of behaving like the cat who’d got the cream. The Barnes family were victims of sheer spitefulness. All Lennox ever wanted was to love and be loved. The world is in SHOCK and I am heart broken. I pray for TRUE JUSTICE. May this NEVER HAPPEN to another dog or family again. Tougher sentences for bad pet owners, any dog is a threat in the wrong hands. LENNOX was not IN THE WRONG HANDS. He was loved and had a happy home. My Friends, Family and Work Colleagues ARE DISGUSTED at how This Ever happenened in the first place. GOD BLESS THE BARNES AND GOD BLESS THE SUPPORT WHO CREATED THIS SITE. x

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