Jingle Bells For Lennox

Jingle Bells For LennoxA new rendition of the traditional Christmas song ‘Jingle Bells’ has been released online today as part of an ongoing appeal to save the life of a family dog currently incarcerated by Belfast City Council Dog Control Department. Lennox, an American bulldog/Labrador crossbreed owned by Mrs Caroline Barnes, has been locked away since May 2010, accused by Belfast City Council, of being a banned pit bull ‘type’ dog under current Dangerous Dog Legislation.
Lennox’s family and supporters hope the song ‘Jingle Bells for Lennox’ will highlight their Christmas campaign and keep Lennox in hearts and minds through the holiday season and beyond.
The campaign includes an appeal for the public to remember abandoned and unwanted pets and to consider sending a gift to a rescue shelter for dogs and cats in need. Lennox’s family have appealed for his life to be spared and they hope for good news in the New Year.
UK musicians Maria Daines and Paul Killington recorded the Christmas single to support the campaign to Save Lennox. Daines, who has penned many songs for animal welfare issues said ‘It is high time dog law was made fair for responsible owners and innocent dogs. Breed Specific Legislation causes untold misery and suffering because it targets dogs that look a certain way. We would not tolerate prejudice against human beings and neither should we accept discrimination against companion pets because of the way they look.’
Currently over 120,000 people have signed a petition asking for Lennox to be freed. ‘Jingle Bells for Lennox’ will be available to download free of charge from the Save Lennox website from 1st December 2011. There will also be an option to donate a small amount to DDA Watch, a UK group campaigning for the end of breed specific legislation.

For more information & how you can help please visit the Save Lennox Christmas Campaign.


29 comments on “Jingle Bells For Lennox

  1. he’s a dog! leave him alone. looks as though he has done nothing wrong. i bet there are much more important things that need attending to than bothering a little dog and making misery in his family. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….hear the words of most of the world and let this dog go home to the family that loves him and misses him dearly. make yourselves look good again …before it is too late. this dog…no any dog…deserves to be treated this way. make the holidays nice for this family and give them their precious beloved pet dog back!!! please!

  2. Craig…this is Wade..my page was hacked so i left all groups…I have proof of who…or what faked page…closed down the 1st million lights event…I will provide to you or the police…no one else….Hope you and caroline are well…

    REPLY: hello wade, this blog site is not run by the family of lennox but you can contact them through their email link on the official lennox website

  3. My heart leapt when I saw the email headed “Jingle Bells for Lennox”. I thought that at last there was some good and positive news for this poor animal. adly, it is another awareness campaign, although a good one at that. How much more can this family, and above all, their dog, take? It is bad enough for us supporters. Surely BCC must realise and respect that if there is so much support for the Barnes family and Lennox it is because a terrible injustice is being done. Is there no international animal welfare organisation that can be appealed to for Lennox’s swift release, rehabilitation and care before being returned to his family?

  4. I am SO glad this blog is up and running. The Jingle Bells song will be stunning! I will share this with blogsite and song with all my friends. Still praying for Lennox’s release! ❤

  5. This is very inhumane to be treating Lennox is this manner. He has done nothing wrong but you let him sit here in his own feces and probably not being feed very well either when he should be home with his loving family.

  6. As I have alway said, what these people are doing to Lennox and others is Animal Crulty, and they should be locked up for doing what they are subjecting Lennox and other animals to. Lets all Jingle all the way for Lennox, may he yet be home this Christmas.

  7. there just sad old decrepid bastards that have nothin better to do . lennox is a loveley dog thats done nothin wrong . carnt beleve its just the way he looks i have three staffys and he looks just like mine justice for lennox please .

  8. Breed specific legislation is just as cruel as racism. It’s the same thing actually. Poor Lennox did nothing wrong. He should be released to go home to his family. Why are they doing this to him? Simply because he’s a pit bull or part pit bull. Please have a heart and let Lennox go home before it’s too late. He can’t live indefinitely under these circumstances. Are we even certain he’s still alive??? Too sad and pathetic. Makes me sick of my own kind……..

  9. Your crimes far outweigh any that this dog could possibly commit!
    1. Racism – detaining this dog only on his appearance
    2. Indefinite detention – holding this dog in prison without charging him with a
    3. Torture – holding him in unlivable conditions, separating him from the safety of
    home and loved ones.
    4. Murder – knowingly taking the life of a dog who has broken no laws, nor been
    accused any crime.
    There is a higher authority than the Belfast Dog Control Department and you will be held accountable for your cruelty to the innocent, the voiceless, the defenseless!
    This is insanity incited by the sensationalism, fear-mongering and greed of the media, implemented by knee-jerk legislation and carried out by automatons who fear for their jobs and YOU KNOW IT! This poor animal needs to be released to his family immediately and all such cruelty must stop!

  10. To the Belfast dog pound how dare you discriminate against certain breeds of dogs that’s the same as discrimanation against black people or chinese etc and how dare you say your poubd places a dog in a warm and welcoming kennel when i see the dog in a cement filth corner of what i caaaall a very poor excuse to keep a dog in and he;s laying in his own shit why don’t you have any heart or compassion for this poor dog i can’t imagine what the owners are going through let alone the dog not to be together as a happy family. Why do you want to destroy familys by taking there pets shame on you Belfast your one country i would never visit and i;m from the U.S. shame shame shame on you.

  11. If only BCC had the courage to admit to the huge injustice inflicted on poor Lennnox by some of their employees and so called ‘expert,’ then Lennox and his family could listen to the Jingle Bells song at home where he should be for Christmas. One QUALIFIED expert after another has declared that Lennox is not a danger to anyone, and keeping him in that dump, based purely on the opinion of a few who have stooped to every trick in the book to ensure their ego’s stay in tact is beyond cruel.

  12. Poor Lennox should never have been taken in the first place and the only reason he is in that hell hole right now is because of the arrogance and down right stupidity of a few ‘officials’ who haven’t the guts to man up to their mistake. BCC should be ashamed of themselves for condoning the behaviour of these same officials, and by doing so are guilty by association. If anything happens to that poor dog while in their ‘care’ the world will not forget. No one ever had reason to complain about Lennox before they took him and he never hurt anyone in the five years he lived with his family, but still they expect us to believe he’s turned into a killer overnight. Its simply appalling to think that poor innocent dog will be spending another lonely Christmas away from his family having done NOTHING wrong.

  13. Let the dog go home to his Owners! What is this all about? Don’t you have nothing better, more important, to do then to terrorise People and their animals? Who gives you the right to take a beloved animal away from his rightful owners, an animal who done nothing besides being a specific breed which is falsely accused of being dangerous!!
    I tell you who is dangerous!
    It’s the human Race! This Race is destroying everything beautiful!
    Our Planet, Nature, Lives!
    Everything our Race touches is destroyed afterwards!
    Set Lennox free! NOW!!!!!

  14. This is inhumane and unjust. Some cowardly bastards are trying to dangle their power of everyone’s heads in order to get people to back down. Release this dog to his family and be done with your madness.

  15. POOR LENNOX still being held in a cell awaiting a decision by the Belfast City council to decide whether they will kill him or not. The world sings JINGLE BELLS FOR LENNOX and I hope you can hear us….Please keep your ears perked and your tail waggin cause the WORLD IS WATCHING and WAITING for you to go home… PLease Share all over the internet.

  16. I cannot believe that this has gone on for so long – Poor Beautiful Lennox has been stuck in a disgusting pen for all this time hoping for his family to fetch him. Why is your BCC working with animals when they themselves sound like animals!!! Your Jingle Bells song has had me sobbing…. Will keep praying for Lennox to go home soon. South Africa

  17. Lennox has been locked up now for over a year and a half, this is the equivalent of 10 years in human terms. This long incarceration for absolutely no wrong doing is unacceptable and heart breaking for Lennox and his family. BSL is wrong and must be abolished, too many dogs have been murdered for the way they look. I have followed campaigns against cruelty to dogs for many years. I never thought that here in the UK we as a society would be as equally cruel to dogs. Free Lennox, scrap BSL.

  18. My and my pits are praying for you Lennox and your family. Hope your home safe before Christmas. It would be the best Christmas gift this family could ever receive.

  19. I thought humans didn’t like terrorists. Now who is the terrorist? Dog held captive like a prisoner of war. Have these grown ‘immature’ humans nothing better to do than put a dog in captivity? And what kind of money is keeping the dog there – taxpayers? And by the way Belfast Controllers – how long do you intend to control the dog? When do you plan on letting it go? Has any of your ‘controllers’ ever experienced solitary confinement? About when will you feel satisfied the dog has been punished sufficiently? Or what is it that Lennox’s family and animal lovers can do to appease your hatred toward this dog?

    Your Department needs to be shut down now!

  20. If there is a God, a God of Light and Love, I pray that Lennox will be home with his family safe and sound before it’s too late….if it isn’t already 😦 Shame on the Belfast City Council. I don’t know how any of you can sleep at night and as for celebrating the birth of Christ…. you should just skip it because you’re all going straight to hell for what you have done to this poor dog and his family.

  21. “Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat To Justice Everywhere” Martin Luther King
    I have fought many of these battles against BSL a Law that was created and owned by Adolph Hitler and now being practised by Cold blooded Killers calling themselves Politicians.From Cameron down there has not been one of these Incompetent Ruthless Bastards that has intervened in any way to rectify this debacle.
    I just hope that at Election time when these Scumbags get out of their Coffins and start riding their bikes the wrong way up a one way street,pat babies heads,even Doggies heads and have that Inane Grin on their Ugly faces,the DECENT HUMAN BEINGS do NOT FORGET this Incident and others like it.
    VOTE FOR INDEPENDANTS Find one Decent Human Being to Act for you in your area.

  22. I’ve been following this story from the US – People are trying to enact BSL’s laws here also, many are watching and waiting the out come of Lennox’s fate. I wasn’t sure he was still alive, but I found this blog so apparently as of today he is. The way this dog has he has been treated is pure animal cruelty. They say the dog is vicious????? – Astounding in its hypocracy. What is vicious are the people/institutions responsible for taking this dog away from its home and family, and then being unable to reconcile the error they obviously made and force this poor dog and his family to continue to suffer. Its really a horriblly sad story. Even if this dog has been caught up in the politics of this mess, can’t they at least treat him humanly? – Does he get outside, does he get affection, food, playtime? – or does he sit in that dark dank cell he appears to be in. How are they treating him?

  23. The treatment of Lennox makes me wonder who is more vicious here – the bureaucrats who took a dog from his family when there had been no complaint against the dog, ever, on the basis of tape measure findings, and locked up this family pet in a miserable kennel with no decent interaction with people, and condemned the dog to death; even though the family had the proper paperwork; or the dog, whose apparent crime is that he is large and has some physical characteristics that some people consider to be ‘Pit Bull Type’?

    Sounds to me like the Belfast dog wardens and supportive administration should be evaluated for Viciousness as well as Stupidity and Corruption.

    Lennox should be returned to his family immediately.

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