2 comments on “Supporter Submitted Poems

  1. From that Scumbag Cameron down,the whole miserable Evil Council,to the Heinous neo-Nazi Dog-Wardens may they all CHOKE on their Turkey Bones.
    I am a strong beleiver in KARMA.

  2. twas the day before christmass and all through the house a creature was stiring a teary house they miss there lennox a gentle soul be there no doubt they done no wrong excpt love there son as the world stands by to help in any way we can we wish them to know we will never go away we stand beside shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart our packs the same way our love surrounds there is no doubt we will fight every day dear Barnes family i light the candle of hope and shed tears for you as do my pack as lennox is there brother the unseen member of our pack my wish to santa to put lennox in your stocking dear brook i am a 2 pit packing mommy yes i know what your feeling have hope little one we are here for you all lots of love midnight angel and pack jamestown ny u s a

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