9 comments on “Belfast City Council – Lennox Two Year Captivity Triggers Each One, Reach One Campaign

  1. Iwas born in Belfast I was always proud of that. I have a rescued pit bull now and this make me so upset. Send this poor dog home.

  2. I can only think that officials in Belfast have gone totally insane. The family and dog are suffering and they don’t seem to care one bit.

  3. Officials in Belfast must have their veins full of ice and very cold hearts to let the family and dog suffer like this. It does not speak well for Belfast and this issue is now becoming known throughout the world. It’s insane what has happened. I will continue to let others know about this travesty of justice. I hope others will keep up the fight as well.

  4. I do not beleive these Satanists from the Belfast Council can read nor write,the whole Bloody lot should be removed from their positions of power.Vote these Bastards out..
    Does anyone have proof that poor Lennox is still alive.?????

  5. I live in Italy. I thought Ireland was a Christian Nation. This sounds more like the TALIBAN. Boycot Ireland!!!!! Money barks & the lack of it will bite them in the arse!!!!!!!! WHAT A SADISTIC BUNCH OF PERVERTS.

  6. I know I won’t be traveling to Belfast after this. Ridiculous. What did the dog do? NOTHING. You should find some REAL issues to take care of, and stop persecuting innocent families and their pets to make you feel important.

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