Wednesday 13th June 2012 – Official Press Statement From Lennox’s Family

We would like to thank everyone for the countless messages that we have received in the last 24 hours during what is a very difficult time for our family and for the support we have had from so many since Lennox was seized in 2010. The past two years have been extremely distressing for many reasons and we appreciate that this has been a very emotive case for dog lovers worldwide who have spoken out against the failings of Breed Specific Legislation. We take some comfort in the knowledge that we are not the only ones to be devastated by the recent ruling. We are in talks with our legal team and will make another statement in due course.

Thank you


30 comments on “Wednesday 13th June 2012 – Official Press Statement From Lennox’s Family

  1. We are all with you, every step of the way, I have started another page condemning Breed Specific Legislation and the way you and Lennox have been treated, I will NOT give up the fight for Lennox and all dogs who have been taken because of how they look. You have my and my packs full support and this fight will continue regardless

    Stay strong our hopes,prayers and thoughts are with you

  2. There are so many people world wide who are fighting for Lennox, he is such a beautifull boy! We all will fight for justice for him and he WILL return home with you, we shall not give up! It discusts me on how some individuals can do this to such an innocent harmless animal! Shame on u may god curse you with every bad spell in his book!xxx

  3. “GOOD ALWAYS DEFEAT EVIL” Keep up the fight many in the world are behind you and poor Lennox.All these Corrupt officials will pay,one way or another.

  4. my heart goes out 2 lennox an his devoted family cant put my anger an frustration in2 words. but the legal system stinks. karma will come back and bite those responsable!!x

  5. I am so very sorry for the injustice and the horror that people, not animals inflict. I pray that Lennox will have justice and ur family will have peace.

  6. keep fighting for lennox. Shame on the morons who make up belfast city council. Hope the people responsible get their karma!

  7. Fire your legal council. Demand to see the license for all attorneys involved and the judge’s as well. (they do not have licenses, only Bar memberships which are not licenses) Demand to their Oath of Office. Demand a retrial by JURY. Walk into the court and state you are a Common Law person and demand to know what jurisdiction any judge or law has for seizing your property and threatening to destroy it. Use your constitution. It is the supreme law of the land and no color of law can defeat it. Do this today and make it as public as possible.

  8. And as a pitty owner and lover, my heart goes out to you. But DO NOT GIVE UP. They do not have jurisdiction over you if you know your rights.

  9. I pray to the universe and all to save this dog..this is so wrong and so cruel it is beyond comprehension..

  10. This inhumane jail is not right for any animal.To be lying in his own faeces .My heart breaks for God’s Creature’s just isn’t right

  11. There is no way that any of us here can possibly imagine wheat you are going through and what precious Lennox is going through because we are not living it – but we feel such pain and anguish, and so much frustration as I know most of us feel that we just haven’t been able to do enough to help you through this. Know that we are here with you always and we never give up fighting for his right to life, and your right to have him safely home with you where he belongs. We admire your courage, your strength and your ability to just keep holding it together as you in turn are helping all of us cope with this injustice also. No animal should ever have to go through what Lennox and so many others have gone through because of BSL, the most cruel and coldest of all animal related laws. Until the system aims to correct the human error, to stop those who are irresponsible with their animals, who use and abuse them for their own personal gains, the goal which the system has set out to accomplish will never be reached. Any dog no matter the breed can turn because of the bad hands they are in. Sort out the humans and the problems will be solved ! Bless you all – Bless dear Lennox. Mary Alice Pollard,

  12. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and with Lennox. May God bless you and bring Lennox home to you very soon. J Lewis, Milford, OH USA

  13. Is there any way you can get Lennox moved out of the country? I am sure many rescues would be happy to take this poor boy. At least if he were moved and safe you could still fight the legislation and laws and perhaps get him back at a later date. It would certainly be better than letting them kill him.

  14. Can you get them to agree to let Lennox out of the country? I am sure many rescues would happily step up to the plate and save this poort boy. Once he is safe you could still fight to change the laws and perhaps get him back at a later date. It would be better than letting them kill him.

    • Unfortunately the Belfast City Council rather punish the family for speaking out against them. Belfast City Council have refused at every request to allow Lennox to leave Northern Ireland and be moved to the US where countless offers of rehoming have been received.

  15. My heart is broken for all of you and most especially for Lennox. Keep the faith, the shouts of the world have to be heard and Lennox will have his freedom again! Your devotion to this four legged member of your family is an example and inspiration for us all!

  16. Just so very sad that Lennox and his family had to go through 2 years of hell on earth. I hope he and you stay strong for one day, you will be together again. They cannot deny the world..

  17. this is so wrong i have tears flowing over how cruel some people can be. behavior is not breed specific!!! how you raise a animal is akin to how you raise your children. raise them bad they are bad raise them up to be kind and loving they are kind and loving!!!! shame on those who would kill in the name of rightiousness for they are truely condemmed by god . im not religious as in fantical but i do believe. these people can have no beliefs at all if i not being that big into religion know they are doing wrong by gods teachings!!!! if you want to leave god out of it then these people who are ding this to all dogs due to breed are morally and socially misfits in the world with no feelings of compassion or love for animals. they are truely wicked!!! and unjust!!!

  18. i wish there was more we could do. You must know how many people love Lennox and in that, love you too. We will all keep fighting no matter what. The voiceless need us and united, we can make a difference. Keep the faith ❤ Hang tough Lennox, there are many of us out here fighting for you ❤

  19. Bullies come in all colours, sizes and shapes. The scary ones have authority, especially when they get to wear robes and slam a hammer to emphasize their petty judgements. The gov. all the way down to those pernicious bottom- feeder wardens should be ashamed of themselves. With that logic the americans should create a law outlawing African-Americans.

  20. i would never give up for lennox! lennox deserve to be with his own loving family not in the cruel prison with a cruel belfast government which should shame of their selfs what they are doing to this poor dog. Thousands of people around the world are fighting for you lennox and they will never give up until you will come back home!. Every innocent dog who did nothing should get the chance to live happily with their families and i don’t care what breed they are looking even they look dangerous or not, as i never judge a book by its cover with out reading first!

  21. This story is SOOOO disturbing!!! it is such a tragedy that ignorant people are afraid of any bree of dg. dogs aren’t born mean, they are made MEAN!

  22. Love from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
    Some people are just cruel, hurting God’s beautiful creatures like this is a sin, really!
    I send my deepest sympathies and hope you find some good in all of this.
    RIP Lennox.

  23. This is a very upsetting situation. My heart goes out to your family. I personally refuse to let Lennox’s story be in vain. My family, friends, and I are all making sure that the injustices of Breed Specific Legislation come to light. With so many people doing their part in Lennox name, I believe we can make a difference! Once again, my heart goes out to you and yours during this trying time.

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