9 comments on “The Wright Stuff Television Discussion On Lennox

  1. An absolute disgrace.The whole Belfast council should be removed as should david camerons bunch of wimps should share the same fate.The cheek of these people telling the rest of the world how to behave.Why has cameron not intervened????
    May Karma prevail.

  2. Why is this shameful act not able to be viewed by UK viewers,the politicos do not wish their voters to see how bloody useless they are.

  3. I absolutely agree with the ladies comment ” the media shaped the image of a dangerous dog”

    The only dog I am scared off is the CHIHUAHUA.

    I was never bitten by a supposed to be dangerous dog.

    My daughter and I were bitten by a DACHSHUND, a SPITZ, a COCKER SPANIEL.
    We also saw very aggressive ENGLISH SHEEPDOGS and BLUE HEELERS.
    Our neighbor’s dog is a sweet relaxed terrier, but when he is on a leash, my neighbor is always scared when strangers approach her, because he is so protective, and he would bite if someone would come to close. I saw it happen once.
    She had to pull him very fast back.

    We had a lot of contact with Pitbulls, German Shepards, Rottweilers, Huskies etc.
    but NONE of them posed a thread to us.

    Our family also agrees, that the officials made a mistake and don’t want to admit to it.

    We believe, that the officials don’t let the family see the dog, because maybe it happened to LENNOX what happend to BRUCE!!!!

    Did you know that Northern Ireland did this before for 3 years with Bruce?

    watch the video to see what they did to him CAUTION animal cruelty!!!

    or read the story and see the pictures here:

    FREE LENNOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. appalling that this would be done to this family and dog..every body and every animal deserves a second chance…There is no proof that this dog did anything, just because you resemble a specific breed, does not make sense..This is pure ignorance..I am praying for this family..The dogs personality is going to be changed for the good if he does not get out of there..I feel absolutely horrible for this dog..this seriously needs to be dropped..This is a family that loves their dog..and the dog has done nothing

  5. I live in Portugal where many people treat their dogs like rubbish or disposable things and when someone asks the authorities for help, most of the times they simply ignore! We don’t have a RSPCA to rescue, save and protect animal welfare:If we want to do it, there’s no one to turn to. On the other hand, you have draconian laws against (yes, against!) dogs. Have you ever thought that the problem may not be n the dogs, but in their very irresponsible owners. I simply don’t understand…
    I’ve been following Lennox’s misfortune for quite a while and I’ve signed petitions, sent e-mails, letters, you name it, hoping to save Lennox.
    Another thing I cannot understand is Lowri Turner’s concept of “I’m not in favour of any those kinds of dogs” or “scaring / frightening looking dogs”.
    Fact- this kind of judgement and prejudice is frightening and dangerous!
    Fact- Lennox is being a victim of this prejudice, false judgements and a very unfair law!
    Fact- Lennox and his family are being bullied by representatives of the people of Belfast and justice.
    Fact- They’ve made a terrible mistake, but they are not humble enough to recognise it.
    Fact- A lot of pain and suffering has been inflicted on a child, on an innocent loving animal and on the rest of the family.
    Fact- A human mistake is going to cost Lennox ‘s life. THAT’S THE REALITY!
    My thoughts are with loving Lennox and his beloved family…


  7. Here’s to Ms. Lowri Turner: I own these scary looking dogs, and the reason for it: they are NOT scary looking to me, they have a very friendly face, and eyes. The scare is produced and planted by the media. I have them because they are very smart, very sensitive, consider themselves part of the family, and they ARE, they are enthusiastically friendly to everybody and everything (and they do have the tendency to race up to anything and everybody to say hi….that IS true) , they have traveled in planes, trains, hotels and automobiles with me, with not a single bad reaction. They are working service dogs, and are valuable as such because they have a bigger feel, a bigger anticipation to the people they work with and how they feel, and what they need, then most other breeds ! And that is a trade most people choose to ignore. The real problem with this breed lies with the INhumans that fight them, and breed them to fight, and yes, that is still a BIG thing in the UK and Ireland, where the whole dogfighting concept originates from, and SADLY that is one issue that is NOT addressed by any council or government. It is easier to rip dogs out of peoples homes, then to go into the underworld of criminals and dogfighting and address the real issue of the dangerous dogs. So Ms. Turner, I have mine because they are smart, sensitive, funny, helpful, and NO other reason. There IS no scary looking dog, there is only the image presented and painted by media that have a hunger for spectacular things….

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