Official Statement From Lennox’s Family

We apologise for the silence as we know our many friends and supporters around the world have been desperate for news but until we had further talks with our legal team we had nothing new to share. We needed to explore all possible options before we issued another statement as we did not wish to give those that have campaigned so tirelessly any false hope or for anything to be taken out of context as has happened in the past.

Whilst there may well be errors in the Judge’s ruling from a point of law this has little bearing on whether we can or should progress by taking the case to a higher court. The ruling is based on the Judge’s decision that he deems Lennox to be unsafe despite evidence given by those qualified to assess and understand dog behaviour that contradicts the testimony of the Prosecution that was presented in court. This has given us little room for manoeuvre.

Our concern and priority has always been the welfare of our beloved boy. We have fought to have Len returned to our family from the moment he was seized but we have been advised that the legal fight is at an end. We are obviously distraught but have to consider the impact that any future lengthy legal battle would have on Len if we chose to go against the advice that we have been given. We cannot subject him to any more as there are no grounds for a further appeal and we do not wish to prolong his suffering any longer by engaging in a battle that we simply cannot win.

We have attempted to write this statement many, many times but have struggled to put in writing that the fight to spare Lennox’s life may well be over. It has been almost impossible for us to accept that we have to admit defeat. We always believed that there was some hope and that justice would prevail. We were wrong. There have been many dark days for us since Len was taken and we want you all to know that it is your support and kindness that kept us going through the blackest times.

This is all we can share with you at the moment and we are finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing more that we can do from a legal point of view and that Lennox may well be killed. We have one last hope that Belfast City Council will allow Lennox to be rehomed in the USA. The offer is there but we have no say in whether this offer will be accepted. We have never refused to rehome Lennox. That decision was taken out of our hands from the moment Len took his final walk with us from our house to the Dog Wardens van.
If the offer is turned down we will fight for our right to say goodbye. We cannot bear the thought that Lennox will die without being reminded of the hearts and hands that love him.

Thank you.


47 comments on “Official Statement From Lennox’s Family

  1. To a brave family , I pray for you all , The fight will go on , to change a law that should never be , we can not stand by and let dogs with good loving homes , who have done nothing wrong , be killed for the way they look …………Lennox you may run free , in your name we hope other`s can be free here on earth xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I am in tears as I read your letter..this is so beyond cruel to this dog and to his family and to the many strangers who stood up for him and the professsionals who have put their own reputaion on the line to save him.. And why will they not have a heart and let him go and live? It frightens me to know that people like this walk the earth hurting so many makes no logical sense other than it is all about thier own egos..what else could it be?? Let the dog come to America..why not?? I am a positive trainer like Victoria Stilwell..I work with pits bulls and I have a pit bull..what the media and now Belfast says about this breed is dead wrong..please I say a prayer to God and Jesus to help this poor dog..let him go to a place of love and safety..I will pray everyday for him..I am so sorry for your suffering…Gail

  3. we are all with you we love you all very much and remain at your side not only to fight for lennox but for all affected by the BSL injustice. we do continue to hope that we will be allowed to bring lennox here to the U S A<3<3

  4. To the once” little girl ” & family that stepped up to the plate and added lennox to their family tree in the first few years of his life. NEVER DOUBHT his memories of you (cause dogs dont forget love) they truly don’t. NEVER DOUBHT his LOVE for you eaither. I am writeing you this because you need to know something. When all this began in the very begining with lennox, at the same time i was just getting my 1st computer which was really just a lap top. I joined facebook and came across lennox’s page. I began following his story and never stop. His story has inspired me to become an independent animal rescuer. I have aswell got my town here in Speedway, Indiana to to agree to allow me to get a new shelter for the animals here. God says he never gives us more then we can handle. Well… im not really sure how i feel about that, but i do know if he says it ” THEN IT MUST BE ” and who am i to call god a liar “NOT ME” . Anyhoot my point without lennox’s story a lot of animals (+25) in new homes (+900) shared animals across facebook (+50) signed petetions (+15) fosterd , Not to mention a brand new shelter for the animals that come through our town. This would have never happend if i would not have come across lennox’s facebook page and reading his story. I swore to try and place as many animals as i could so they would never half to sit without a family and could feel the love that our sweet lennox deserved and had with you. Its okay… you did right by lennox. Hes proud of you, and for always being who you are, and im proud of you “you changed my life and many others, and mostly GODS proud of you and that says it all. So its okay now “let it go and never forget”. Your friend always ~Joanie~ Email… If you ever need a friend in the US, you have one now.

      • Please can you tell Lennox’s family how sorry I am. I fought from my end in the U.S. and have been crying over his loss and the larger injustice. I am determined to let this never happen to another. Please tell Caroline’s daughter how sorry I am as well and I’m sending cyber hugs. I asked God to be Lennox’s comfort while he was in that place. I never met him but I felt so strongly for him and loved him. Lennox has become in a sense my dog too. One injustice is one too many.

  5. Reading this breaks my heart, how hard it must have been for you to put it in writing given all the energy, passion and love that you and your family have put into the fight to save Lennox. I hope that Lennox is allowed to be rehomed elsewhere but if that cannot happen then please let the Belfast City Council show you and Lennox a final act of kindness and allow you to be together during his last moments. My thoughts are with you and with Lennox at what must be a truly sad,dark time.



    Wherever you are in the world, please keep Sharing Beautiful Lennox’s Petition, with Friends/Colleagues, Email Contacts & Animal Welfare Sites far & wide. If you have already Signed Lennox’s Petition, please continue to Share. Lennox is innocent & he desperately needs to be home with his family who love & miss him every minute of every day. I have been working & networking Lennox’s campaign since he was so cruelly snatched from his loving family on 19th May 2010. Lennox needs us more than ever.

    The Official Lennox Petition is a HUGE success. We currently have 169,646 signatures & the numbers are STILL rising. Here is the LINK to the Petition to SAVE LENNOX:

    Lennox has a terrific army of supporters from all over the world. We are his voice & I believe our combined Love, Strength & Determination will save Precious Lennox. It is not acceptable in any way, shape or form to keep Lennox in squalid conditions that are affecting his physical & emotional well being. In fact, it is shocking & the whole system is totally archaic. I have been optimistic from the beginning that Lennox’s life will be saved & he will eventually be FREE.

    Please also watch & Share this Beautiful Video for Lennox:

    Posted By: Sally Dix, United Kingdom ♥ ♥ ~


  8. I am so sorry it has come to this, I cannot believe we are supposed to be living in a civilised world. This is madness, Lennox should be with his loving family, you have fought so hard for him but certain people have dug their heels in, I am still hoping and praying for Lennox xxxx

  9. I can understand that u are very tired and weary, Please don’t give up. I still believe in miracles. God bless u and your family. Any may God shield Lennox and keep him safe until He opens up a door for Lennox to walk out of the prison he is in. Only God can open a door for Lennox that no man can shut..

  10. I hope you try throughFacebook to find hundreds of people to take dear Lennox in the U.S, if the council agrees. if I can be of any help, please don,t hesitate. My heart goes out to you all. May justice prevail for Lennox in the end!!!

  11. There are no words I can say that will help to make this situation better for Lennox and for the family who love him so but know that as long as this precious animal breaths air, we will continue the fight and pray for his release that he has the chance to live the life he so deserves, no matter where or with whom. But for Lennox, we cannot imagine what he must be going through – I want, like we all do, what is best for him right now. What is so important is that everyone unite to end this disgustingly cruel law called BSL that has allowed this to happen to him, and the hundreds of others before him. As until that happens, there will be more just like him ending up in this horrible situation. Sending love to the family and to Lennox – all who have been so brave during this dreadful ordeal.

  12. I am standing in the middle of Windsor castle in tears, I am soooo sorry that once again ignorance wins and that as beloved pet is destroyed for no reason other than its looks, the Irish government and British judicial system should hang their heads in shame, my thoughts go out to you and Lennox, and if rehoming is not an isolation, I hope he enjoys rainbow bridge

  13. My heart is breaking for this dog and you all. I really, really hate human beings. i would be much happier in a world full of dogs and no people.

  14. I hope this is read by Lennos’s owners, I can’t tell you how many times I have cried, and cried hard for lennox I feel as if he was my own and it turns my stomach that he was taken from you and he is where he is. I have SO MANY questions. It breaks my heart and I have lost sleep over this I know this has been hard for your family but I have to ask that you don’t give up, Please don’t give up you have fought this long for him please don’t stop now. He needs you now more then ever. I wish I could say how I feel to these judges and that I along with the millions out there could make this stop. So I beg you PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP, AND I PRAY LENNOX IS SAVED. If you read this please feel free to respond. Thank you

  15. I am so disgusted that beautiful Lennox and his fabulous family have been put through such disgraceful abuse and treated like trash.
    I am a huge animal advocate and I live in Australia.I wish to advise that I am genuinely willing to adopt Lennox to live with me.I have advised this recently on several posts and I am serious.Please pass this message on to his family.He would have a wonderful life and be treated like a king which he deserves.

  16. I cant believe what I read on Facebook tonight, Im absoloutely devasted and have sent 6 emails out to Belfast Council stating when he is put to sleep, i hope they all attend and feel proud of themselves, i have also posted on their website on facebook.. This is so wrong on so many account and I appreciate they have done everything legally and through the courts, but I am a law abiding citizen but touch my dogs and I would be hunting where he is and getting him out.. I hope that while he is alive, their is always a chance and that these idiots will let him go back to his family.. your a very brave family and Lennox will always be in my heart xx

  17. Don’t give up! It is a hard fight but in the end you will know that you made everything for him!Please try to continue your cause to save the live of a innocente dog! Perhaps in the end someone can do something for Lennox!Just don’t give up from him!Hope remains until the end!Keep fighting, people around the world are with your cause! I’m from Portugal and we know from the news the situation of Lennox and we support your dog! Hope and prays are on your side! Keep fighting and don’t give up from Lennox!

  18. I really really really hope that the next post on this site will be about Lennox’ new life in the US, be it thanks to all the people who fought for him or be it thanks to celebrities like Victoria Stillwell or Cesar Millan who offered their help.

    It’s such a shame that in 2012 humans still discriminate creatures by their breed… dogs, and animals in general, shouldn’t be the victims or human ignorance.

    This message made me really sad… I’ll be praying for Lennox and for you, hopefully something can still change.

  19. Dearest Lennox, if all the tears shed for you around the world were put together they would make the Pacific Ocean look like a puddle. Thousands of eyes have cried for you, thousands of voices have howled for justice for you and millions will never forget you and your family’s heartbreaking story. May your journey across the Rainbow Bridge be swift and easy, may you let go of this life gently and play in light and joy forevermore. I will look for you in the Gladden Fields when my turn comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge and give you the cuddle I could not give in this lifetime. To your loving Brooke I would say place your faith in karma because what goes around always comes around. You loved Lennox and he loved you. He came into your life for a purpose just as you were in his for a purpose. He may not have come to the end of his life the way we wanted but you gave him a loving memory to take with him into the next world. I hope I can witness the eventual reunion I know you will have with him when you too cross the Rainbow Bridge. Lennox, you will live forever in our hearts and our purpose to end breed specific legislation everywhere. We will know it as Lennox’s Law, no matter what name the governments put on it. Run fast, run free, beloved Lennox.

  20. My heart breaks for the pain that this family is going through- and has been going through for all this time. In tears I read their statement, and in tears I write my comment. There are no words from which to seek solace at the injustice that has been committed- on so many levels. With a heavy heart, I, a mere stranger in the masses, offer my deepest sympathies for all of the pain that has befallen upon this courageous family- who fought tooth and nail for what was right. In times of injustices like this one, I sometimes feel like I could really lose faith in humanity… But how could I- when there are people like this family and the thousands across the world who rallied behind this precious dog. Please know that I am still holding out for a Hail Mary here, and that Lennox and his family are in my thoughts.

  21. I know the position you must be in, so stuck between wanting to keep fighting, and wanting to end his suffering in that horrible prison cell he is kept in. my heart aches for Lennox, who has no idea why he has been punished these 2 years and taken away from his family.

    i cannot put into words the disgust i feel at the Belfast city Council who so stubbornly refuse to right their wrong, even in the face of all the support on your side. even worse, that they would not even consider the option of allowing him to be sent to another country to be rehomed.

    All the way here in Asia, our hearts have been touched by this cruel story of human ignorance.

    Our prayers are with you and Lennox, and we hope for the best for all.

  22. I am so so sorry that you had to make such a heartbreaking decision,you as a family have shown such strength and love for your beautiful boy,I am devastated that his time on this earth may be running out,I can only imagine what it has done to you.You have fought so hard for your baby and always remember that,you have done everything you can to get him home ,I really hope you all get to hold him and get to say goodbye,its the least you and Lennox deserve.My own heart is broken as Im writing this :(((…I’ve sent all the e mails and prayed that BCC would overturn their decision so its extremely difficult to accept that no more can be done,hopefully the worldwide protests over the next couple of days will somehow make a miracle happen…Lennox will always be in my heart and will be forever rememered ,As a family you should be very proud of all you have done for your beloved Lennox xxxx

  23. It’s a horrible miscarriage of justice that the sweet boy of this family has had to endure this torture over the past 2 years!! I, like anelithchan, hope to read the post on this site that Lennox is free & safe away from the horrible BCC!! Here’s to Victoria Stillwell & Cesar Millan for stepping up & trying to help! God Bless Lennox & his family!

  24. I am devastated for all of you. This is such a difficult time. Please know how so many of us, from all around the world, have rallied and advocated. If Belfast has its way, at least Lennox will be free from the awful conditions they’ve subjected him to; his spirit will be free, he will remember his wonderful family and know what you’ve done for him. Belfast will NEVER truly win…Lennox will ALWAYS be with you in your hearts and he will be able to see what the entire world tried to do for him and his family he loved so much. Prayers to all of you. xoxo

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  26. This breaks my heart. I have sent emails everyplace I can think of to help. I so hope that they allow Lennox to be re-homed to another country or area that is not so discriminatory. If the worst happens, I hope that people will unite in a campaign to boycott visiting and doing business in Belfast. We have got to start using our collective influence to stop such stupid, baseless conduct. In the meantime, hopes are still with Lennox and all of us to make a difference.

  27. This is a terrible tragedy!! I’m so very sorry for your family. Shame on these lawmakers for taking innocent lives without any just cause, what a disgrace the legal system is these days. May god bless Lennox, and may he not die in vain. This kind of injustice had to stop.

    We will all keep fighting for this cause.

  28. What the Belfast City Council has inflicted on Lennox and you – both being its own innocent and upstanding citizens- is criminal in any moral sense, and actually incomprehensible to any sane and decent person. This is an uncivilized and insulated council which has truly lost its way and run amok, even before the eyes of the world. They deepen their own insanity and complicity by ignoring the words of reason presented to them every day for the last 2 years.

    That being said, knowing reading your statement would be unbearable for me, I’ve read it anyway as an attempt to share the burden of your pain. I simply can’t imagine what this could have been like for you to actually live this ordeal for a day, let alone 2 years!

    You will always have friends worldwide and here in the U.S. We will always remember Lennox, always.

    There’s one thing the Council will have no control over, and that is that he will live on in our hearts and minds for generations to come, and, live on with love.
    Here’s to the hope that his heart and yours will transcend the small-minded, the petty, the evil; and find peace- where powers of love and reason prevail. Godspeed to you all.

  29. I will continue to fight until the last moment. I have sent dozens of e-mails and will send hundreds more. My thoughts and those of my six foster dogs are with you today. I will ask them all to say puppy prayers. They have always worked for us.

  30. I just want to say I have been following Lennox for two years now and everytime I read more news on him or hear what you have to say it never gets easier. My heart aches for you as a family and we are all grieving with you. I have two dogs myself and I cannot imagine what your family is going through. I want you to know that the world is behind you a thousand percent and no matter happens in the end, the fight was worth everything. We have come together as one to fight for such an important cause and even if we do not get the outcome we all so desperately want, Lennox will always be a part of our lives. My heart breaks for you as a family and for Lennox. Besides wishing for Lennox to come to the U.S. and be rehomed, I also wish your family peace and strength to carry on. Bless you all.

  31. I have told anyone that would listen, Lennox could come live with me! His family could visit anytime! We Love Lennox!

  32. My heart goes out to your family and Lennox. That poor sweet dog, my heart is breaking. Shame on this “judge” and the supposed “animal welfare” people who have been “taking care” of him. If my dogs skin and coat looked like poor Lennox does in the pictures, my dog would be taken from me and I would be jailed and fined…as should ANYONE who would allow any animal to live like this. These are the people who should be punished, not Lennox. It is HUMANS who make the poor decisions that destroy these animals, not the type of animal. Breed specific legislation is racisim pure and simple…you are supposed to punish the deed not the breed. If a drunk driver hits someone with their car, do we destroy all cars? NO, we hold the person who was driving responsible…not the vehicle itself. And this so called “judge”…well if he cannot demonstrate the fairness, impartiality and basic common sense to do a proper job, then he should not sit on the bench period. From what I read he ignored reputiable information and actual experts to take the word of some crack that has no business giving an opinion when a life hangs in the balance just because it fits his narrow minded and unjust opinion. It sounds like he made up his mind long before any of the actual facts were presented. And if this “judge” is doing this to Lennox, who.else has he steam rolled? How many other animals, or humans for that matter, has he unfairly written off before an actual case was made. He is a disgrace to the position he holds and all it is SUPPOSED to stand for. He is just like Hitler and the SS…judging animals and people for how they look instead of how they act. I hope and pray for Lennox and your family. I hope he can come live in the United States. And I hope and pray that breed specific legislation is dissolved and we start holding humans accountable for the animals that are in their charge so innocent souls such as Lennox and your family no longer have to pay the price for what others are doing. It’s time to stop passing the buck and take ownership of our actions.

  33. So breaking heart. I hope that all the efforts may result positively. Prayers to all the team and supporters.

  34. As I am sitting here reading this with tears rolling down my face I am praying that you now find comfort in knowing that Lennox will never be forgotten. Lennox was loved by millions of people from around the world. I pray for your heavy hearts to be lifted.
    Here is a poem for you ~ Author Unknown

    JUST A DOG From time to time, people tell me, “lighten up, it’s just a dog,”
    or “that’s a lot of money for just a dog.”

    They don’t understand the distance traveled, the time spent,
    or the costs involved for “just a dog.”

    Some of my proudest moments have come about with “just a dog.”

    Many hours have passed and my only company was “just a dog,”
    but I did not once feel slighted.

    Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by
    “just a dog,” and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch
    of “just a dog” gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

    If you, too, think it’s “just a dog,” then you probably understand
    phrases like “just a friend,” “just a sunrise,” or “just a promise.”

    “Just a dog” brings into my life the very essence of friendship,
    trust, and pure unbridled joy.
    “Just a dog” brings out the compassion and patience
    that make me a better person.
    Because of “just a dog” I will rise early, take long walks and look
    longingly to the future.

    So for me and folks like me, it’s not “just a dog”
    but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future,
    the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.

    “Just a dog” brings out what’s good in me and diverts my thoughts
    away from myself and the worries of the day.

    I hope that someday they can understand that its’ not “just a dog”
    but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being
    “just a man” or “just a woman.”

    So the next time you hear the phrase “just a dog,”
    just smile,
    because they “just don’t understand.”

    May God bless you and your family … ❤

  35. Sue Kennedy North Carolina, USA
    I am so very sorry for the loss of Lennox. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for the tragic loss of such a beautiful member of your family.

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  37. Dear Caroline and Brooke,

    I am so sorry about Lennox. I fought in any way I could from the U.S. to have his life spared. I am going to see that nothing like this happens to any other family in Ireland or anywhere else. I cried over it and then got angry. My goal is to channel that anger into uncovering corruption and having the council be out of a job. I know that none of this brings Lennox back but please know that I care about you and have been crying over this. And praying for you. I also emailed Ellen DeGeneres and asked her to do something to encourage you. I hope it happens I’m sending hugs from the U.S. and maybe sometime in my life, I can do it in person. But either way, you are thought of and cared about.

    Heidi A. Dietrich

  38. I have cried for days on this cruelity shown to good dogs like lennox. You as his family have tried. The fight should go on to change these laws. im so sad for lennox and hope this fight keeps going in his name to save the countless other dogs who are in the spot he was in and the ones in the future that will be in his spot if the law is not changed. Belfast council ask yourselves, is the majority of the world wrong or is the law wrong? It is a inhumane genicidal law with no basis in fact. This law needs to be changed. The dogs it is killing are predominately not violent and have never bitten or attacked. This taking a loved dogs life who has a home and family is wrong while so many others are killed because they have no home no family. Please stop taking lives. Stop killing. No one has the right to take a life but god.

  39. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

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