18 comments on “Lennox’s Last Chance

  1. I think I will deny my Irish roots.Fully disappointed.God is watching and killing the innocent will not get them to heaven.I think the homes of every person who failed in the decision making should have their homes search and their pets removed….poodles bite,,exotic pets,……Shame om Belfast counsel.

  2. This is such sad news I can not believe that he is still not home. Government heads & people with titles aren’t doing there jobs properly because if they had then this dog wouldn’t of been taken in the first place. It’s such a wrong doing that I really wish I had the power to correct 😦 My heart really goes out to the family & Lennox whose the real victim here, as he ain’t a clue what is going on in his uncertain life. We live in hope all us campaigners that he will be spared but now I feel that the Council has something to prove! xxx We Live In Hope xxx

  3. Very well done Victoria. Hopefully the powers that be will see this as a win win situation for everbody. Thank you for all your hard work on this case, I hope and pray poor Lennox will be surrendered to you and a new life soon

  4. Kudos to you Victoria for trying to help this innocent dog. I have watched you showed and you have done remarkable with the dogs you have dealt with. I know you are aware of all the people that are behind on the side of this wonderful and the horrific thing that happened to him, being taken from his family. This innocent dog does deserve to be put down. The fact that these people have not gotten back to you shows what cowards they are to take away innocent dogs from their families and yet they are afraid to talk face to face with you. Shame on then. He is obviously not be taken care of and as far as I am concern he is being abused, That little girl is suffering emotionally and medically because of what those tyrants did by taking away her therapy dog. He doesn’t even look like a pitbull and we kniow from DNA that he isn’t. The fact that they blow off what experts say about him not being dangerous just goes to show you the kind of people they are. If it was their dog they would certainly be singing a different tune. this dog should be reunited with his family and the sick little girl who needs him.

  5. Thank you Victoria and good luck with your efforts to have Lennox transported to the US, there will be many prayers said and fingers crossed in the hope that you are successful.

  6. Good luck, I have followed this case and I really hope they let you take him out of the country and live his life. I hope they haven’t ruined him.
    Keep us all posted.

  7. Please get this poor dog back home…or if need be, out of that country and to the states to get the love he deserves,,,,,,Please,

  8. Lennox has done nothing wrong and is a loving dog. His home is all set up here in the US, so Belfast, just let him go! He has a wonderful place ready for him here and a great future. All you need to do is let him go. BCC, it’s not yet too late to make it right and the whole world will respect all of you for this. I’m a believer of ‘what goes around comes around’ and it is our hope that you listen to the voices of reason. Look into the human inside of you that knows that letting Lennox go is the right thing to do.

  9. I can not believe that this has been allowed to happen and then continue for the length of time it has. This is a simply a case of the council and legal system not wishing to admit that they have made a huge mistake and back down and let lennox return to the loving family that they stole him from. A loving family pet is going to be killed simply because the council and the courts don’t want to admit that they were wrong. Now that’s dangerous!

  10. Such a tragic story! I don´t want to wollow in accusations against who´s to blame, but I´d like to know, if the Belfast City Council would let Lennox move to a EU country, eg. Austria, if they refuse to let him go to USA…
    I keep my fingers crossed for the boy!

  11. I’ve already sent my e-mail to lord mayor. I hope it helps! I’ll post it here, if you don’t mind. I REALLY HOPE IT WILL HELP!

    Oporto (Portugal), July 10, 2012

    Lord Mayor of Belfast City Council,
    This e-mail shows how your acts are having bad repercussions to your city and country.
    It’s inhuman what you and those who agree with you are doing to Lennox! Please, let Lennox return to his family, let this dog be happy as he was! I’m not asking you for forgiveness to a criminal. I’m asking you to free an innocent dog, that has no reason to be locked out in your concrete Council prison, surrounded by his own feces. Imagine the repercussions that your act is causing… I’m a Portuguese citizen that lives in Portugal… I’m 2000km away from you, and I know about your non-sense act! Like me, millions of people are now reading and talking about Lennox, and I can assure you that they’re not talking good things about it! The only thing we’re asking you is to FREE this innocent dog… Is that too much? I’m sure not!

    Joana Campos

  12. Just goes to show that the british lies have become so dictatorial that no person will want to live there. The NAZI’s won WW2 because the country they fought, became them.

  13. This family doesn’t deserve this. These dogs are known as the nanny dog and are quite alright with being social and friendly. Yes I’ve seen this breed fight at the park, but I’ve also seen spaniels, jacks, poodles fight at the park. I am so sick of people being so ignorant to this breed. It’s not the breed it’s never the breed it’s the people who own them. The Barnes family is totally worthy of Lennox because they love him and in return he loves everyone. I pray with every ounce of my body that Lennox will be alright. However 16 months of solitary confinement, what will that do to his soul. They have done more harm by taking him then good. Belfast can suck on rotting flesh!!!

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