US Rap Artist’s Sinista DaCapo & Cypress DaKilla Hit Out At Lennox Murder

Justice For Lennox Copyright & Courtesy Of SINISTA DACAPO & CYPRESS DAKILLA
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30 comments on “US Rap Artist’s Sinista DaCapo & Cypress DaKilla Hit Out At Lennox Murder

  1. I’m into country music…but NOW I understand rap music with this song! “One, two, three, and to the four, we want justice for Lennox or we’re going war!”

  2. So Sad That We Couldn’t Save This Beautiful Creature x
    The Law Needs To Change So This Injustice Doesn’t Happen Again x
    R.I.P Lennox ((Hugs)) To The Family x

  3. I usually don’t like this kind of music, or the foul language or the promotion of violence, but I do like this song, because everything they are saying is how I feel. I want to go to Ireland and slap sh*t out of the Belfast City Council for what they did to Lennox and all the other dogs in the past and in the future until this BSL (Bull Sh*t Law) is done away with and we cannot allow it to spread in this country. Denver already has something similar, many Pit Bulls are put to death because of their breed. My cousin told me she rescued a female Pit and two of her puppies (with their eyes still closed) from death just because they are Pits. That’s wrong, ban people who make their dogs aggressive from having dogs. Any dog can be made aggressive. If you want to stop the animal attacks, then stop those people who make them that way from owning dogs and the animal attacks will stop. Banning the breed and then killing them is not the answer.

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  5. When I 1st heard this I thought OMG did he just say that but I just decided it is my favorite song of all time. It says everything I would like to say. This 50 year old is loving a rap song for the 1st time!!! Great job Sinista DaCapo & Cypress DaKilla!!!

  6. They did such a great job with this. It is war time BCC and I hope you up for the fight. You are not going to win this war. You are nothing but ignorant pieces of shit that do not deserve to breath the air or walk the land of the animal lovers of this world. I stand by my furbabies and will die and kill to save them from any person who thinks they will ever do anything to them or try and take them away from me.

  7. Absolutely LOVE THIS!!! You have put into a song everything that everyone involved in the effort to save Lennox is thinking and feeling! A lot of us are filled with soooo much anger, frustration and hatred that it’s hard to express in words. I think you’ve NAILED IT!! ~ JUSTICE FOR LENNOX R.I.P. (sweet innocent boy xo xo)

  8. For the first time a rap song is really expressing my anger, frustration and expressing exactly how I feel. Thank you for putting into words our feelings and wanting to speak up for Lennox.

  9. thank you all we hope we made lennox and his wonderful family proud and will continue to stand by them in there time of need and we will not stop untill there is true justice for lennox !

  10. I cried, this amazing soul DID NOT HAVE TO DIE……. his crime??? was only wanting to love his family. WE NEED TO STOP THIS!!!

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