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Following a weekend of protests over the Belfast City Council’s (BCC) killing of Lennox the dog, a celebrity dog trainer has claimed she was threatened over her support of the campaign.

Animal Planet dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, star of the TV show “It’s Me or The Dog” says she was harassed by BCC over her support of the ‘Save Lennox’ campaign.

Stilwell questioned the credentials of the Council’s expert who assessed the breed of the dog and as a result they allegedly threatened the dog expert with legal action…

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    • Diabolical from the start… We will not forget and this is not finished… Understand there is a protest on the 11 August? to demand answers for Lennox.

  1. This whole case reeks of a cover up, BCC heads should roll and jobs lost over the shameful way they have dealt with this poor dogs case. I would love to see the credentials of there so called expert too ( which is highly unlikely he has any).
    sack all council staff that had anything to do with this sham of british/irish justice system. Maybe a few eyebrows should be raised at the offending judge as well.

  2. cancelled a trip i had been planning and prepared to be spending quite a bit on. Will never spend my money in a country that could allow this to happen. I also not at the olympics and not watching them due to the fact they are in britain and i will boycott anything to do with teh british empire until they change the bsl as it stinks. an educated society with a barbaric law pertaining to breed instead of deed should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I often find myself wondering if someone else didnt want to own Lennox, and if maybe by some chance he is still alive somewhere. This whole incident was uncalled for. This dog belonged with his family the whole world recognised this solid fact, yet he was never allowed to see his family again under and circumstance, even when supposabley he was going to be euthanized? The family was still not allowed to bring his body home after the euthanazia was performed? and denied his belongings. My question is why? Is it because Lennox is still alive, or is it because someone wanted to personally hurt this family? Either way Belfast City Council had a part in this incident, and allowed it to happen. WHY?

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