Canine Justice Network Speech On Lennox

Natasha Madison & Canine Justice Network Speak About Lennox
CJN Charity Ball 2012

With thanks to CJN & Natasha Madison


5 comments on “Canine Justice Network Speech On Lennox

  1. the whole of belfast council have covered each others back in the abuse neglect and murder of INNOCENT lennox…they will one day have to anser for this…they can laugh now but they cannot hide from the truth forever…………… Lennox i am certain was killed long before they said too and this…they know……………

  2. When their judgement days come only then will they know what it felt like for Lennox and his family… the bible says “an eye for an eye”. They shall suffer long and hard,

  3. Still say LENNOX was murdered long before all this came to light so so sad find it very hard to look at this video of an innocent animal so trusting but terrified of his only form of human contact its looking at his body language will tell you they lied about this poor sod but WHY as god is our judge the truth WILL come out but till then the people involved in his murder will never have a happy long life as this deed that they did will forever haunt them suffer long and hard murderers that is my wish for all involved ……

  4. Belfast City Council could not allow the family to see their dog before he was put down was because the dog had already been destroyed by Belfast City Council. And Belfast City Councillor Pat McCarthy talks on radio about “upholding the law”? Shame on you Pat McCarthy and the Belfast City Dog Wardens. Liars to the end.

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