Jingle Bells For Lennox

Jingle Bells For LennoxA new rendition of the traditional Christmas song ‘Jingle Bells’ has been released online today as part of an ongoing appeal to save the life of a family dog currently incarcerated by Belfast City Council Dog Control Department. Lennox, an American bulldog/Labrador crossbreed owned by Mrs Caroline Barnes, has been locked away since May 2010, accused by Belfast City Council, of being a banned pit bull ‘type’ dog under current Dangerous Dog Legislation.
Lennox’s family and supporters hope the song ‘Jingle Bells for Lennox’ will highlight their Christmas campaign and keep Lennox in hearts and minds through the holiday season and beyond.
The campaign includes an appeal for the public to remember abandoned and unwanted pets and to consider sending a gift to a rescue shelter for dogs and cats in need. Lennox’s family have appealed for his life to be spared and they hope for good news in the New Year.
UK musicians Maria Daines and Paul Killington recorded the Christmas single to support the campaign to Save Lennox. Daines, who has penned many songs for animal welfare issues said ‘It is high time dog law was made fair for responsible owners and innocent dogs. Breed Specific Legislation causes untold misery and suffering because it targets dogs that look a certain way. We would not tolerate prejudice against human beings and neither should we accept discrimination against companion pets because of the way they look.’
Currently over 120,000 people have signed a petition asking for Lennox to be freed. ‘Jingle Bells for Lennox’ will be available to download free of charge from the Save Lennox website from 1st December 2011. There will also be an option to donate a small amount to DDA Watch, a UK group campaigning for the end of breed specific legislation.

For more information & how you can help please visit the Save Lennox Christmas Campaign.

A Single Christmas Wish

At a time when all little Children across the world write their traditional wish lists to Santa Claus to ask for the gifts they would like to awaken to on Christmas morning, one little disabled 12 year old girl by the name of Brooke also writes her own wish list to Santa, nothing strange with that I hear you say, but wait this little girls list is not your usual wish list containing a variety of various branded items from various manufacturers nor is this wish list a long expensive list, instead this wish list to Santa is a simple one but yet is one that becomes ever more unrealistic to grant for little Brooke each and everyday. Little Brooke asks for only one thing this Christmas and unfortunately unknown to her only Belfast City Council can grant her wish and make this simple request become reality.

What do you tell a little girl on Christmas morning when she discovers Santa has ignored her wish? Are Belfast City Council really willing and determined to destroy this innocent little Childs belief in Santa Claus, ruin her Christmas and every Christmas for her there after?

Brooke's Santa Wish List

Brooke's Santa Wish List

It has been said that a picture speaks a thousand words, then lets allow Brooke’s picture wish list to Santa and Belfast City Council do the rest of the speaking!